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She-Ra down!

Last few weeks of TWOP and She-Ra suspended!

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Batch Snatch

Is it time to sack Bayswater Council? These bumblers want to be entrusted with sinking a railway? I wouldn’t think them competent to sink a ratepayer funded tinnie at a sausage sizzle. Against ALL advice, even from their own staff, … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 290 placement of node

You can’t stop the juggernaut of progress that is fibre to the Khyber. This quaint Guildford plea was ignored. What is the go with the NBN? I hear varying reports. Some say it’s like being on the bridge of the … Continue reading

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Gary’s huge package

Bento has been ranting about journalists again. He points to this item on Teh West, which says Gary Stevenson’s deal with the City of Perth was “$350,0000”. C’mon, Bento! Lookit all them numbers! Maths is hard for journos. $3.5 million, … Continue reading

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Bayswater Vandalism

A plaintive cry against Bayswater council vandalism pinned up at the shops. Just what that vandalism might entail seems to have been missed. One may well cry j’accuse on Sylvan Alberts on his vandalism of concrete benches with pictures of … Continue reading

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zoned out

Goodness. This business operator not happy. What is the story behind it? Which council? Too many questions. Perhaps one of our planning associates can advise.

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Outrage Sunday 84 they shoot horses, don’t they?

Perth train station VIBRANCY: my sources reveal this happened at the end of a dance marathon. Bennet Springs VIBRANCY: this is the real McCoy. Rottnest VIBRANCY: a scene from Syverton Bay, and it just makes me fonder of the beautiful … Continue reading

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