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A kind of brutal shabbiness

Dropped in on Scarborough to check on its interminable beach upgrade. I’m glad they have managed to keep the coherent brutal shabbiness that the local Scabwegians and visitors love so much. Even while “upgrading”. I hope this doesn’t push up the … Continue reading

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Even if you spell it right, it’s above Darch. It’s for sale.

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By Nataliafan#1. Hard to tall if Contacio is still there. Google maps doesn’t show it at 156 West Coast Highway, but there are sites listing Scarborough nightlife with it as “popular with the young people.” Hard to believe that people … Continue reading

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Red Dog

Yes, they are exercising their dog. Slip road behind Wet Coast Highway. By Ben. This is not dogging.

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City Beach Fish

I loved this City Beach house with the forlorn amateur fish graphic. Beachfront house, waiting to be knocked down so that wankers can rebuild there. And staying with beachside living, Teh Cookster continues his photo essay on the highlights of … Continue reading

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Onwards vibrancy you little minx!

What a sinkhole of crap Subiaco has become. Who is responsible for killing Subi town? I do however like this plaintive chant of “vibrancy” lost here among the weeds, chain link and barbed wire. Perth planning is relying on the … Continue reading

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Corruption City

“Don’t buy a single vote more than necessary. I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay for a landslide.” Joseph P. Kennedy Haven’t had much architecture lately. A building involved in the jailing of a Premier that surprisingly wasn’t Brian … Continue reading

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R U Going to Scarborough Bleh?

Whinger Than Paradise Only in Perth could we whinge about a beach that many countries would execute all their first born to have – but Perth is that kind of place. The clock pictured deserves its own category, but many … Continue reading

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