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wheelie bin murder table talk

“I’m finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of the various wheelie bin murders in this state,” Bento said. “So this one is the non-emo, non-lesbian, non-witch wheelie bin murder. What’s it known as? The Water-Stealing Miners Wheelie Bin Murder?” … Continue reading

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By Orbea. Is anyone as turned on asI am?

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Lath lain Ennui

JaneZ loves how Lathlain Oval seems to be rotting away. Can it be nearby lesbian wheelie bin emo, witch murdering that has done this once mediocre footy venue down?

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Outrage Sunday 103 welcome home comrade

You know what they say: tiny car, tiny parking prowess. I hung my head in shame after this was left on my Jizz. In Leederville this week someone sprayed Don’t Park Here Dickhead on someone’s windscreen, so I got off … Continue reading

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Victoria Park, Town of Brothels but not Oktoberfests

Dear Councillors of Victoria park. Now I hate young people and Oktoberfests as much as the next person, but I have to say I’m astounded at the attitude recently expressed that the Town of Victoria Park and locality of Lathlain … Continue reading

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A Flamingo’s Slot Closes…

It may be my brain or the fact that the number of posts is now over 1200, but I was certain that I had posted this magnificent Lathlain letterbox consisting of a vcr lashed to a concrete flamingo. And yet … Continue reading

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