Outrage Sunday 272 them

I’m only an ordinary man, so I didn’t understand this, around the corner from the Perth Magistrates Court (and opposite the vanished FESA building). img_5007
Whatever it was, it stank! Like you-know-what! img_5006
The world’s going bananas, if you ask me. img_4962
Thank goodness for teh Perth Truth Seekers and their always-interesting events. Friday night was a semi-scereening in Balga of The Greatest Story Never Told, a fillum about Adolf Hitler. Turns out AH wasn’t so bad! He read the Bible! Should we really blame one bloke for 50 million dead? Why do the media and Hollywood never tell us about the Jews that fought for Hitler? Did the Nazis really torch the Reichstag? Think! Don’t be sheople. “As movie is over 6 hours long I’ll endevour to play the first half and then perhaps in a week or two I can play the second half or you can copy it onto a USB and watch the rest at home.” If WW2 isn’t your cup of ersatz coffee, then another AH might be the go: the Perth Abraham Hicks Meetup on Saturday, in North Perth. “There is no such thing as a ‘negative’ emotion. There is only lower and higher vibration emotions.” 440px-jerry-estherhicks-2007hitler_portrait_crop

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10 Responses to Outrage Sunday 272 them

  1. Rong1 says:

    The Emperor looks good with his moustache


  2. My Ning says:

    50 million might be bit of an exaggeration – all up the war killed 60 million, with 20 million of them being Chinese, which really had nothing to do with Hitler. 20 million Russians died as a result of the nazi invasion, but Stalin bumped a few of them off. 35-40 million is probably closer to the mark. Apparently Hitler was a vegetarian too. Not sure he drank booze either, although the odd chicken dinner and pint of ale might have made him a little more clear headed


  3. Zuben says:

    The Abraham-Hicksers apparently don’t get enough sex or pro sport


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