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Un Ivory

Un Ury or Un Ivory tower?  You be the judge. By Vegan. Unury. 

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By Vegan. You’ve got to assume pervert right?

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Vegan shows Bridgetown at its most extreme. Perhaps we have found the cashmer over a women’s vagina we were talking about? May…be??

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Chair baggsing

Lovely Belle Ende Epoch lighting, highlighting the practice of “chairing” parking spots in Mt Lawley. Just up from Bell Enders actually- if that’s still going. Is it? Or did the auto toilet outside kill the apre football trade? Can anyone … Continue reading

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After Party

Caught by Vegan at the State Theatre carpark. Big crowd in by the looks. BTW, isn’t it time for another Winton ghost aborigine piece?

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Wake in Fright Wundowie

Doesn’t the dude have a crew or couch? You need a crew. Or Donald Sutherland shooting some roos. Putting the yikes back into Wundowie. By Vegan.

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Nil by vibrancy

It is to our shame that it took the old buffers and busybodies of Nedlands (ie the type of curtain twitching knobhead that responds to community consultation) to finally call out the emperor’s new clothes that is Teh vibrancy. Vibrancy … Continue reading

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A blowhole for the backwater

Backwater Circle Burns Beach. By Vegan. Backwater eh? Yes, not content being called a backwater behind its back, Perth is embracing backwaterness with “residential attitude”. And don’t forget, as Himmler said, “We are the space we live in.” – And … Continue reading

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The sexual is the political

By Vegan, Covent Garden London and Wez C, Whiteman Park Perth. Hands across the water. 

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