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Outrage Sunday 280 Coconut Run

It’s not quite a gold Torana of the soul, but this Stirling Highway scene was spiritually enriching. There’s gold in Caversham – but not of the shiny sort. If that doesn’t signal the driver, then nothing will. You used to … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 85 Geo-Engineering

This is the perfect architectural design for our troubled times. You surveil the sheople through your toughened-glass slit while the invisible tinfoil on the palm tree deflects guv’mint attempts at thought control. This is somewhere on the fringes of south … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 75 following money upstream

I’m indebted to Fremantlebiz for this gem: “Something hanging from beneath an elderly lady’s car while crossing the Stirling Bridge in East Freo on Friday afternoon.” As TLA says, so old they are worst again. No balls isn’t the problem … Continue reading

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