wheelie bin murder table talk

“I’m finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of the various wheelie bin murders in this state,” Bento said.
“So this one is the non-emo, non-lesbian, non-witch wheelie bin murder. What’s it known as? The Water-Stealing Miners Wheelie Bin Murder?”
TLA’s thoughts were elsewhere. “I was expecting more outrage over mobile fucking parklets. Perhaps even as an inspiration for a wheelie bin murder.”
Me? “How hard is it to spell Drano right? For pity’s sake!”

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7 Responses to wheelie bin murder table talk

  1. Slanderer says:

    So adverts now. Oh well, there goes your purity. Next thing you’ll be sponsoring parklets.


  2. Zuben says:

    Are there any portable remembrance gardens in perth ? And if not , should there be ?

    So easy to clear a site for 12 storey mixed use residential redevelopment if the remains can be moved off and quickly forgotten


  3. JaneZ says:

    It’s easy: this is the fifo labourer meth wheelie bin murder, not the emo lesbian witch one.

    This smarmy little “sic” though:
    “One day [said the victim’s mother], I hope we can forget about the horrificness (sic) of what’s happened…”


  4. I_woz_born_in_Lathlain says:

    The wheely bin murder happened almost next door to my granmother. Fortunately by then she was almost deaf and didn’t hear it.


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