Outrage Sunday 263 free car door

Even high-rise apartments aren’t safe from the uniquely-WA phenomenon of cars driving into bedrooms. Here, a Cambridge Street denizen, having obtained all the spare parts he can, leaves one of the doors out in the verge pick-up. This is where Fraka lives. How is that ECU study going? img_4599img_4600
That console-gripping Bento sent this WAToady outrage. “How can they get the possessive apostrophe right, yet not be able to spell simple words?” he asked. image001
The WAToady error file, the list of people that just missed being squashed by runaway Commodores, my despair at not being able to find Oettinger in the bottle-o, the anticipation over the start of the Taj demolition tomorrow: they’re all SO HUGE! img_4575

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3 Responses to Outrage Sunday 263 free car door

  1. Rong1 says:

    Door prize


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