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Outrage Sunday 278 Jaydyn

After my business at Parliament on Friday night (one of the key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace) I popped into Hemingway’s Sorrow for a quick one. Heath served me this. WTF? I’m speaking with myself, number … Continue reading

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Tradies turn to satire

Bitter satire hits tradie trailers as the jobs dry up and the green Utes are repossessed. Pete F. Mosman Park. Needs more tree beards and wood nymphs. This is an itinerant mohel’s setup btw.  

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They will not take our potholes

More sign based philosophy. Big on ideas, short on spelling. Three people sent this. This one from Reign of Error. Mosman Park. 

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Beloved Aunt

This is what I want.This is the city the future cunts will remember. A beloved aunt. Mosman Park by Pete F. Who it appears always has time on his hands. Thank god. 

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Goodbye Tasya

We’ll never forget you. By Pete F. Mosman Park.       

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Mos Mag Mystery

I’m not exactly sure what’s worst about this Mosman Park Magna, but if Pete F. Sends it in…is it the parking, the bonnet?  What am I looking at here?  

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In Custody

Mosman Park. Naturally. Pete F. Marvellous.    

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Be Creative

I don’t know. Pete F. Mosman Park. Is the creativity the matte paint? The lying  emission controls?

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Last days of the Taj

Going to miss this shithole when it finally goes. They were even going to have an Area 51. By Reign of Error. Mosman Park Oswal mansion.  Obviously.    

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Head On

All very well for The Post to be scooping the West over serial killers, but what about the dildo head-ons on Stirling aka Pedo Highway in Mosman Park? Get. it . Together. Bret. Christian. More than just a bit of … Continue reading

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