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cheap eats cheap eats cheap eats

Would it have killed Teh 7West to have written different intros for each chapter? I thought my study had turned into Groundhog Day, with my dog as Andie MacDowell, as I read the same thing over and over. And while … Continue reading

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Not Golden

Chris D shared a Gosnells building so perfect, that I’m assigning it immediately to not worst. That it’s not golden is the best bit. 

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You might have to be more specific. There’s a lot of that element in 6110. Gosnells, obviously.  

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As all of our certainties shift beneath us, must we say Et Tu Betta Curtains? JaneZ notes that a very early “not worst” has turned tail. Gateway to Gosnells no more. All its glory from 2008 is here. 

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By Ed T.

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Some insight into Gosnells by Jana.Mack. Is one of these a representation of rooting a cat?  Also, kudos to the shuttlecock style C&B. Take that New York style.

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Weekend Worstoff 156

Bento sent this where the sticker on the van apparently says “vaginatarian”. You can’t read it, but I put it up so you can snicker at the thought of Bento travelling towards Gosnells Rd.Asp was in Perth on a business … Continue reading

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Land Gosnells

Land, Gosnells. Go there, buy now. Testing a new theme, which supposedly allows bigger pictures. To test it here is something from Bohemian Carnivale from the Gozzie region. Does it work? Are the pics bigger?

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Burnt Spoon

Vegan can’t seem to take anything from this Gosnells shopping centre sculpture other than it represents a burnt spoon. As a tribute to hash and heroin roasters of the Gosnells area it works well. Wait is it a burnt sperm? … Continue reading

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Location, location

Directly across the road from the wagon chair. At least it doesn’t have a christian fish on it. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

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