Outrage Sunday 299 party kit

London fire + Just Cremations ad: many thanks to those who sent this. Of course such a tragedy would never happen here, given our superior building techniques and materials. In fact I think I’m right in saying being in a Perth high-rise is safer than doing a reverse-park in a Bunbury cul-de-sac.
Sergeant Donga saw this when we met at Toastface: “Modern art is rubbish,” he said. “Remember when Le Bateau was hung upside-down at MOMA for 47 days?”
Must run: planning for Krazy Kym’s birthday party. As Cottesloe Barbie says, Orange is for fun times!

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5 Responses to Outrage Sunday 299 party kit

  1. Snuff says:



  2. Petef says:

    Needs more camel.


  3. Rolly says:

    The “West” at its best.
    Propping up the rentiers, too.
    False promises to the unemployed, posted by a confused ‘podean”.
    A play at working for those whose hands are never defiled by the muck and grime of manual labour.
    Nicely done, DFOC.


  4. Finchy says:

    this reminds me of the Safety Dance videogram with the music by devo.


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