In the heat of the bong

Skink sent me this a while ago, but I hadn’t really appreciated the pure worstness. Margaret River cops, fresh from confiscating orange juice bottle bongs from unwashed ferals are to be travelling to CIA headquarters to learn learn to go undercover to be able to confiscate orange juice bong containers with the use of encryption, drones and satellites. Can you deliver a bath to Margaret River residents by drone? I guess you could do a soap drop, but would they use it or eat it? And why not throw in a cop from Katanning, a town famous for decades of child abuse where the police were so undercover as to be invisible. Covert as far as stopping the dreadful crimes happening under their moustaches for twenty years at least. And what is Langley and the FBI to make of Margaret River cops just as famous for providing a police car escort for Jimmy Barnes (Jimmy who? You Ossies crack me up), to a piss fest for middle aged drunks? I would recommend adding a couple of cops from say Bunbury as well to lift the tone a little. Who’s fucking paying for this total waste of money? Rotary? The organisation that is stretched organising a sober Santa for a sossie sizzle outside a rural Mitre 10? Or us? From the Augusta Margaret River Times. margaret-river-cops

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42 Responses to In the heat of the bong

  1. BSWAM says:

    “Covert trip” announced in newspaper? “Covert” – U R doin’ it rong.

    Anyway, perhaps they can take some time off and visit the “Claude Moore Colonial 1771 Farmstead at Turkey Run,” courtesy the National Park Service, the only thing in Langley not either a million dollar tract home or the CIA. Or the CIA hiding in a million dollar tract home.


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  3. ASIO HQ Ralphie says:

    It reminds me of the old tale of Gotcha and Getchya at Margs. Supposedly at the time there were only 2 cops down there, Gotcha and Getchya. If Gotcha hadn’t gotcha, then Getchya would getchya.


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