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Please don’t bronze Pavlich

Although another terrible bronze to mock would be a distraction from the other terrible bronzes in Fremantle, particularly the appalling Bon Scott and the thalidomide John Curtin. The West’s (soon to be writing Bennett’s Beat for the Sunday Stokes?) Ben … Continue reading

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So socialism has even infected the buying of Mazdas? I have said previously that I haven’t bought the Sunday Times since the short sighted pricks axed Bennett’s Beat and the Timespool. But this…is…something…else. By Andrew D.

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Battle of The Titans

Glen Jakovich is threatening to sue Adrian Barich because Barra makes Glen the butt of all his jokes. Glen contacted The Worst of Perth to vent his frustration. It’s a little hard to believe Barra was an Eagle I have … Continue reading

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Bar Nukem

When worsts collide is another title that could be considered as TWOP elite David Fucking Outrage Cohen interviews Councillor Matt “Duke Nukem” Buckels in a Worst saturated newspaper The Sunday Times about a project on the Beaufort Street Arrondisement professionally … Continue reading

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Secret Piss Business

Jordache saw this in The Sunday Times. She sez… I just finished reading an article in STM (why I torment myself this way is another subject entirely) about the “forgotten children” of Australia who were taken from their parents and … Continue reading

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