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Tall Timber

There may be New York style and Perth style C&B, but Newport Melbourne style could expect a warm welcome wherever they hang their hat. By J J.

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Mondo Hands

By Alasdair. Preston, Melbourne. Lovely brick oil tank. 

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Crack on

Small feet, big cracks. That’s Melbourne. At least on the bay.  

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Attack Force Anti Semite

Went to shrine of remembrance (for a piss) and they were selling this piece of crap. Did the Japanese kill Jesus? No. No they did not.  I was born a Tenko man, in any case.   

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Melbourne Vibrancy, is it played?

Since my first superficial view of Melbs vibrancy, (piss and cheese sold together, whoa!) I might have to reevaluate. I’m not sure they are moving to a post vibrant era. They are planting cotton palms. This is embarrassing. Also, I … Continue reading

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Resident Vibrancy

A bloke drinking Beam and Cola on the tram, another driving a mint restored Datsun 120 Y. (Unfortunately not captured). And then my hotel has a licensed Fromagerie. That’s a cheese shop that sells piss. I’ll have half a kilo … Continue reading

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Arms Race

C&B seems to becoming an arms race these days. A baby’s arm race. By JJ. Melbourne.  

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The Future Eaters

Better a knob eater than a Jew burner right? Right? Melbourne. By Meccano.   

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Wogs in Work

Thought you might like to see how Melbourne does Cocii. First, you need an industrial wasteland of concrete and poisoned earth. Then, cloud up the sky. It is never gauche and relentlessly blue like Perth. THIS is post vibrant.  And … Continue reading

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G’Day Bollards

Melbourne seems to still be stuck in previbrancy. Geelong anyway.  

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