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Hovean sent a skip load of worst in today from a variety of locales. Here’s an Adelaide take on anus. We were already wang smoking here, so le yawn. It would have killed them to demand closed anus?

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Hovean has a recommendation for sweating out the Australia Day toxins. I’m booking at least a month.  Mt. Helena.   

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Rolled Gold

Superb shot by Hovean. Midland.  This one really challenges New York. I wonder if the louvres are as secure as the door though.   

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The Hills Have Eyes

Hovean saw this Post Shedist masterpiece in the hills. Come on Perth! The hills are shitting all over your post vibrancy with this. The jarrah flying buttresses? Mercy!  

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Enlightenment Reached

The famous drive through karma centre from what seven years ago has finally closed. Has Buddha finally reached enlightenment? Or just couldn’t compete with the discount piss shop over the road. By Hovean. Carlisle.    

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Talk is cheap

I was just saying, danger… You know, high pressure gas lines? No? Shall I just shut up? Some people just can’t handle the truth of their imminent death. By Hovean.

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Hills Shedism

What am I looking at here? Is this…a…house? An ark? In any case it’s pure Shedism, Perth’s very own architectural movement. If only those tree corpses were Cocoses. Surely this is not a house. Somewhere in the Hills.

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