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More walls

Reign of Error continues to document Fitzroy. I was thinking yeah, maybe, until I saw the bear. We don’t have a monopoly on beard dudes. Or maybe it’s where we get ours from. 

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Another Fitzroy piece by Rrign of Error. The issue certainly needs to be taken in hand, but orgasms need to have equality of opportunity not effect. 

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Reign of Error asks “If an Om sounds in Fitzroy, can a dentist open in Collingwood?” Although slightly obvious on the side of a meditation Centre, it puts to shame Perth’s snorewothy and moronic Redrum. Can that cunt fuck off … Continue reading

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My policy on…potty mouths? Fitzroy. or alternatively, “Ahh, that’s where I left it.” 

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No idea if this is working. No network connenection. Anyway, here’s an attempt. Ahh, Christmas. Umm, gifts. In Fitzroy Gardens near male prostitute toilets, a gift from the residents of Lambeth UK, in gratitude for food sent during the war. … Continue reading

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The Can Opener

This is straying onto the turf of another hyper local I hope to meet, Fitzroyalty, indolentdandy.net/fitzroyalty But I couldn’t resist. The conversation with the dude who came out: So you like the Can Opener? Me: No Dude: Really? It rammed … Continue reading

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