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As we’re saying cheerio, this faint praising plonked rock cocos growing relentless sky post from Bento should set it up. 

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Hungry like the Wood Nymph

Scott S. labels this Hungry Jax Mt Lawley. But surely it would be a Tree Beard Seinfeld rooting a Wood Nymph Elaine if so? Finally some fucking vibrancy in Mt Lawley street art. Could we have this in bronze instead … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 275 hot chip

HNY FuchsiaKuntz! May the relentless blue sky of your 2017 not be marred by teh Chemtrails!

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Turn down the vibrancy

Subiaco is making sure that it is as boring as possible by using the (played) medium of wall murals to campaign against sound vibrancy itself. Keep the music down people! We don’t want them to have a good time in … Continue reading

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Outdoor Backside Vibrancy

Who would have thought that Armale would have outdoor art bidets before Highgate! Astounding. Of course the nozzle was clogged so didn’t get a proper go.  

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The new Guildford Hotel

In 2008 Krazy Kym and I were drinking in the beer garden. I was smoking. An associate with us was fiddling with the heater. Next morning – whaddaya know! This week the police told me the hotel-gutting fire was deliberately … Continue reading

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Slow it down

I like how Napoleon Street is taking vibrancy down, way down with this popup path closure. I also heard that the famous street is getting a “parklet” which would be a mistake. Will it be here, or is this just … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 203 every thought and intent

Found in the Casa Cohen letterbox. What do I know? Can my heart have thoughts? Where are my pants?    I see there’s been the usual carping about Subiaco. Well, SHUT UP: I see authorities reckon this will bring some … Continue reading

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G’Day Bollards

Melbourne seems to still be stuck in previbrancy. Geelong anyway.  

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Grease trap

Is this the sort of thing you’ve got in yer fancy architect comic, TLA? Well, is it, punk? Barrack Street, Perth.   

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