Outrage Sunday 257 abstract

I thought I’d struck gold at the Cottesloe verge pick-up. Next to a vacuum shampooer box and a Sleepmaker was a gaint egg and spoon! I huffed and I puffed but I couldn’t get it into the Jizz. Didn’t I feel a bit silly when I read in teh Post it was at Sculpture by the Sea in 2011. Mr Tim Roberts installed it outside his home. IMG_4323
More artrages at the Claremont Art Awards. As you would expect, the Flangemaster was drawn to Jarrad Martyn’s oil Laser. “The allure of abandoned cars! Although, would it have killed someone to have painted one on fire as it crashes into a bedroom inhabited by triplets?” You just can’t please some people! IMG_4337
Meanwhile, the Wandana lion keeps watch. One of the keystone predators of the western suburbs. IMG_4326
Predator, or prey? Let’s face it: we’re all just bricks in the wall. Few go beyond the wall. IMG_4331

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17 Responses to Outrage Sunday 257 abstract

  1. A truly revolutionary and inspiring sculpture , you are reminded of Piero Manzoni’s masterpiece ” A coupla cans of it”.Manzoni himself was at the avant derriere of the “I declare this to be art” movement.


  2. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Have you really visited Sculpture by the Sea if you haven’t picked up a little something up for your Western Suburbs maison? At least until it is stolen anyway.

    An avant garde Commodore bollard by any other name.


  3. Hot Kreemy says:

    You have got very beautiful lips.


  4. Yeah Right says:

    My neighbour ‘Wally’ does that steel sculpture stuff. He tried to enter it on the beach one year but they told him to bugger off. I explained to him that he should adopt a really fancy European sounding name and they would welcome his work with open arms. Put into practice, I used such a name as an enquiry into a piece and they wrote back with all the bells and whistles enclosed. A 1990 Dos version of the most basic CADD program, a welder, a couple of bits of steel and an angle grinder and anyone can be a ‘Pierre de Victor Luca’. No ‘Sweatski’.


  5. Perthisgreat says:

    Beyond the wall was an old youth centre/ collective which people were allowed to paint legally in the late 90s til the early 2000s. Hollywood high had a lot of graffiti artists come out of it during that period. theres a lot worse things you could post in Perth, but try make the subjects you document have enough substance to attach lame captions to unlike the majority of shit on here..


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