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Day trip to Rotto

Ljuke assures me this is as shithouse as you might hope. And this is the A side. What’s the B? Two weeks in Rockingham? 

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Outrage Sunday 253 Phil Edman finger on the pulse

Who has been fiddling with MLC Phil Edman’s Wikipedia entry? A reader says it has been done to “sanitise an early misdemeanour, excise an unflattering early electoral defeat, and then generally fill the page with chest-beating ‘look at meism’.” Well: … Continue reading

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Get on my lawn

Being towed. I would hope a registered lawn next door.  By Blow In. Rockingham.   

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Dave P documents Mark (the slightly damp Teatowel) McGowan’s transport policy at work in his electorate of Rockingham. If it can work in Rocky, why not Inglewood?  I’m convinced. I’ve heard it said that 90% of Rockingham cars have been on … Continue reading

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I really like this cottage mansion in Rockingham. Especially the shark teeth. By Alasdair.

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Rocking Henge

As Hadrian said when he conquered Rockingham in 124 AD. “Osi Rocky, si ergo, forticolumns in ero.” Sez AW. This had already been set on fire thousands of years before the arrival of The Rockingham. Or the Greeks for that … Continue reading

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Inside Job

I like that this is on the inside of the glass. By Pete F who also claims to have been served a drink in a jar in Rockingham. Was it at CHD’s?

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Unfortunately soft focus but otherwise wonderful plate celebrating the first boat to be set on fire by drunken youths in Rockingham, home of Mark, slightly damp teatowel McGowan, and demonstrating his transport plan. The steam train is unloading bales of … Continue reading

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Ultra Skip

DC noted Mark McGowan’s political campaign left in a Rockingham skip. Nice.

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A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun

In October you were presented with mesmerising and disturbing signage at Peter Ferrall & Son’s Midland store. Now E.V shows us the state of Ferrall pere et fils‘ Rockingham signs. “These aren’t quite up to the worstness of the others, … Continue reading

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