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Vale Voldemort

Golden Boy followed the directions to Hogwarts. Went past a “dead cunt” and ended up with little surprise at Mt Henry Tavern TAB. It can happen. True story.

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Doggy Style

In the proud TWOP tradition of “music discarded near pubs” , here’s Doggy Style near the Mt Henry Tavern by Golden Boy. I am surprised doggy style has reached this part of Como. Would have thought that it would be … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 28 fix the taps

An unworst to start: far, far away from the passive-aggressive anxious clenching of West Perth and the faith-hating, anti-gay, Marx-loathing madness of Como is the curt direction of Peppermint Grove (spoilt only by the untidy arrow): I hope the taps … Continue reading

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Registered Lawns

OK, there has been some questions from interstate and international TWOP fans about what a registered lawn is in Perth. Here is the lowdown. The strip of (public) land between your front boundary and the road is the arena of … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 145

In TWOP news, Deefock has equal control of the comment queue. He just aproved his own comment. True story. Nervous Twitch sends in some worst of New Zealand from Kahaurangi National Park. The Colour H claims that this is the … Continue reading

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And the Yokine you rode in on

Fuck Armadale, Maddington and Yokine. What it lacks in implementation, it more than makes up for in savoire faire, vibrancy, and valid emotion. Como Hotel new years eve. A worst by Stephie. I guess from a viewpoint of a Como … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 143

By Sam H, outside (N)IGA Como. I like that all the religions are spelt wrong.Sad, Bayswater. By James N. Poster by Pete F. Cnr Lefroy and South Teararse Fremantle.A sad dead vibrancy generator. Pity the fool who comes al the … Continue reading

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I bet a tradie of gold…

Umm….It’s Perth OK? Deal with it. Or as the Tshirts say, “Go to Bunnings, buy some wood, bring that wood home in your Porshe, build a bridge and ram that bridge up your arse.” A fine worst auteured (albeit in … Continue reading

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The severed claw

Yes, there is a severed kangaroo paw tied to the rear windscreen wiper of this car. I assume it waves when the wipers are on. Not much more to say except welcome UK readers to the world of Australian Rurotards. … Continue reading

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Poseidon’s Penis

By Dave. Yeah. Right on. Is that 9307 2356? I’d like to enquire about your 2011 penises. And one of many, many more graphical representations sent to me daily, on by Chris in Shenton Park. and another by Chris, although … Continue reading

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