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JaneZ shares some lovely – although baffling merchandise from my place of work. (keep that in mind if you don’t want xxxxxs as comments). I would like to have one of those. Thank you for all your great submissions JaneZ. … Continue reading

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As all of our certainties shift beneath us, must we say Et Tu Betta Curtains? JaneZ notes that a very early “not worst” has turned tail. Gateway to Gosnells no more. All its glory from 2008 is here. 

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Priorities people!

Well…good then – as long as they don’t rob funds from the marsupial petting zoo. A magnificent not worst from JaneZ. 

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The future of nostalgia

I can imagine expats around the world shedding a tear at the sight of this Perthland ad. Sand, pavers, palms, colourbond of that particular shade, that ridiculous black mulch and the relentless blue sky. I’m nostalgic for it myself, and … Continue reading

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Lath lain Ennui

JaneZ loves how Lathlain Oval seems to be rotting away. Can it be nearby lesbian wheelie bin emo, witch murdering that has done this once mediocre footy venue down?

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Winter is Coming

What to say eh? Red Castle finally goes. By JaneZ.

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WA Day

Happy WA Day fom JaneZ. Bear in mind I don’t get this public holiday, so shove it.

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Cross Purpose

A claim of maybe kinda not Worsts for these sesquicentennial cross stitches hanging in Parliament House just outside the Legislative assembly? You have to give these some credit. They would no doubt have been frequently infused by Troy Buswell’s pungent … Continue reading

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Form and function

And for every step forward the city takes, some verges are still rooted in the past, unable to shake of their registering ways. Nice bonus dead tree too. By JaneZ.

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Naughty Don

Here is the quintessential worst from JaneZ – decay , nostalgia even fucking bathos. The rust covered car, the paisley quilt, the 97 UBD and the magnificent Naughty Don Rogers sticker. The only downside is that JaneZ is a gerl and didn’t note the make of … Continue reading

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