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Wormhole Tasmania?

Remember Alex & Jenny’s terrifying Tasmanian Bathos? Well Jane Z bought this in a Tasmanian opshop twenty years ago? I’m wondering if it’s the purchasers not the sister marrying island that is actually the problem here?

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Absent R. Marsh

Wonderful find by Jane Z. Hidden away behind speakers at Vic Park Hockey Field in Carlisle. Ex home of Perth cricket club. Forget  Lillee (only runners up with Marsh and Lillee on board??) the hair on J Garrity is a … Continue reading

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The Bayswater Horror

Jane Z left her emo, lesbian, wheelie bin witch murder enclave to visit Bayswater. Never again.

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End of the beginning of a never ending end of an era

It was almost a relief that Jane Z assured me that the Red Castle garage sale had nothing if value. I would have been right royally pissed off if I had missed a Tudor bed ( as in ” her … Continue reading

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Boy Without Crab

The King saw this on The Barrio, Fitzgerald Street, (FITZ gerald meaning bastard son of Gerald)  – what appears to be a crabless Boy with Crab by Giovanni Demartino. One assumes the boy’s ringhole is to be connected to the … Continue reading

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