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Get behind it

I’ve taken to just visiting the vacant site of the soon to be Guildford McDonalds and sighing in anticipation. Guildford knobheads are actually protesting against this, a site which has been waste ground for decades. Are Guildford residents the most up … Continue reading

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Well deserved 24/7

Still hard to stop laughing about Guildford. They protested against apartments next door to the oddly disappointing Guildford Hotel , so now they are getting a 24 hours McDonalds! Priceless. Will the rub and tug have to go 24 hours … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 236 smoke a cone

I’m sure they don’t mean a traffic cone, either. It is one of the fragrances of the beautiful harbour city, along with sheep shit, patchouli, hair oil, exhaust fumes, suppurating tuck pointing, burnt coffee, and the roistering sizzle of cunac … Continue reading

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Union Land

Bento noted that McDonalds has become organised labour friendly all of a sudden. Or is Union Land a display of great 8 Hour days of the past? In any case, the slide is totes being shut down for “safety” reasons.  … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 98 Classified Files

The much-vaunted free bread was thin on the Jamie’s Kitchen table last night. There was apostrophe abuse, though.“Gotcha!”, our balcony-strutting colleague Bento thought when he got this. “They will be grateful after tapping into my expertise. Before you know it … Continue reading

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One World Cuisine

OK, you want to implement one world government, but can’t afford the black helicopters and the rents in The Hague, so you settle for one world cuisine in Tuart Hill, only to find one world cuisine has already been implemented … Continue reading

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Where Are We Going?

This just in from one of my insane northern suburb clown posses, Benny and the Jatz. Benny says: “This is desolate…the ghostly salty, fatty food hangs above the heads of the innocent children, sword of Damocles-like, mocking their feeble attempt … Continue reading

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Beechboro makes me want to die

By David FO Cohen. Found in Beechboro McDonalds. Wordless I think.

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Fuck Salad…

…and McDonalds. Another South Fremantle classic found by Shazza. Ingenious in concept and bold in implementation. A salad hater who also doesn’t like McDonalds. Amazing.

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Shame Grilled

As I was preparing yesterday’s Stirling Balcatta post, Slanderer, who we hear from far too seldom was sending a pic from directly across the road. What are we to make of this? Maccas flying at half mast for Victorian bushfires, … Continue reading

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