Outrage Sunday 236 smoke a cone

I’m sure they don’t mean a traffic cone, either. It is one of the fragrances of the beautiful harbour city, along with sheep shit, patchouli, hair oil, exhaust fumes, suppurating tuck pointing, burnt coffee, and the roistering sizzle of cunac doodles on the Weber. IMG_2311

Animal, vegetable, or mineral? Krazy Kym was baffled at this…item in her Maccas three weeks ago. I took it up to the manager and she said she would get a report done. We agreed she would call me back with the verdict – i.e., what was this…chewy thing that felt and tasted a lot like plastic? We are still waiting. Perhaps there’s a long queue at the ChemCentre? IMG_2252
This is a versatile family: they were in not one but TWO Western Suburbs Weakly ads, on the same page. After their legal appointment, they popped across and had a group MRI. stockpic
Outrage Sunday: he’s Makavellian in his outlook! See you at the Writers Festival. IMG_2356

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2 Responses to Outrage Sunday 236 smoke a cone

  1. Dylan H. says:

    Right next to the Arts Centre.


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