Shame Grilled

As I was preparing yesterday’s Stirling Balcatta post, Slanderer, who we hear from far too seldom was sending a pic from directly across the road. What are we to make of this? Maccas flying at half mast for Victorian bushfires, while local member Michael Keenan proudly shows his whole pole? (background). Are we to chastise Maccas for inappropriate half masting, or do we chide Keenan for not following suit? I suppose it is good that it wasn’t Hungry Jacks (Burger King). Flame grilled meat might have appeared a little outre.flagburger

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36 Responses to Shame Grilled

  1. Frank Calabrese says:

    I believe Maccas are flying their flagsat Half-mast with regards to the Victorian Bushfires, so in which case Keenan should also be setting an example.


  2. Grrr says:

    But the National Day of Morning (when no doubt 5c from every delicious Quarter Pounder or Fish’o’Fillet sold will go to some sort of appeal) is not until later in the week (or early next).

    I think we should be more outraged that the McDonald’s flag is on a pole of what appears to be the same height as old…. Old…. whatever the cutsey name is for our national symbol.

    Or that you simply can’t get small McDonald’s flags to fly proudly on your car.

    If we can criticise Keenan for anything, well, surely his flag should be at half staff to recognise the political demise of Julie Bishop and Brendan Nelson — on the very same day.


  3. Bento says:

    Keenan’s 3 ute-flags are all at half-mast, I understand.


  4. Sabian Wilde says:

    GOLD! I’m sending this to… everyone, I guess.


  5. skink says:

    there’s a whole day of morning?

    that will upset the anti-daylight saving crowd


  6. Vic Demised says:

    City of Stirling had all its offices fly flags at half mast that day too.

    Keenan was in ACT all week for Parliament, but his staff are not the brightest, even among Lib staffers. A trailer parked in the rear of his office still displays Keenan/Howard posters from the 2007 election. (Note to self: must get photo for TWOP)


  7. Vic Demised says:

    Ah-hah! Keenan’s website biography reveals the answer: he worked for Hungry Jacks in 87-88. Obviously still has loyalties to Maccas’ opposition.

    He also went from delivering milk, cleaning movie theatres and serving beers to the position of Adviser to the ACT Deputy Chief Minister.

    The Alt-tag for the picture at the top of his biog page could be seriously misconstrued…


  8. forkboy says:

    shame shame shame shame shame
    shame Keenan shame shame shame shame
    shame shame shame shame shame

    sorry Lazy….thats about the best Haiku I could come up with on this post.


  9. forkboy says:

    where is my avatar?


  10. forkboy says:

    ahhhhhh……Ron returns….


  11. Slanderer says:

    Don’t get me wrong, the Victorian bushfires were a terrible event and deserve to be commemorated and mourned as a disaster of national proportions. But the Maccas flag has been at half mast for almost two weeks now.

    Now I’m as patriotic as any other international Socialist, but as I was living overseas at the time, can anyone tell me how long the Maccas flag was at half mast after the sinking of the SIEV X or after the Bali bombings?

    I suspect that the local member will lower his flag according to the protocol when it is appropriate. Meanwhile, a hamburger chain is leading our national mourning?


  12. Groucho says:

    I hate it when trainee McDonald’s managers make management decisions based on gut feelings instead of good business cents. Climbing the corporate ladder is brutal sometimes.


  13. Grrrr, re: I think we should be more outraged that the McDonald’s flag is on a pole of what appears to be the same height as old…. Old…. whatever the cutsey name is for our national symbol.”

    Our flag is “Old Blood and Bone”.


  14. skink says:

    how do we know it’s for the bushfires?

    they might be in mourning for Lux Interior, or the Dockers’ choke on the weekend.

    Keenan should have his mast at halfmast for the demise of Jule La Fou


  15. Snuff says:

    When I was about five my mum sent me to the local shops to get, amongst other things, some blood and bone, TLA. The butcher had a laugh, anyway. True story.


  16. skib says:

    Keenan will keep smiling (or should I say leering) at us from his headquarters come rain hail or fire.

    Those living around Stirling will recall that the election was a very disturbing time, with Keenan peering from every bus stop and advertising space in the area.


  17. Paul Murray was quoting Boy Band today.


  18. theparissite says:

    And wasn’t Keenan’s advertising slogan “getting on with the job”?

    No time for mourning – not even time for drive-thru mourning.

    Getting on with the job.


  19. Frank Calabrese says:

    Speaking of the Bushfires, if you ant a photo op to snap Dr Karl’s pop group “The Filth” they’ll be doing the following:

    Police Public Affairs will coordinate the donations and have organised for the Commissioner’s
    band ‘The Filth’ and the WA Police pipe band to play a special bushfire appeal concert in
    Forrest Place on Friday 20 February at midday. All donations and proceeds from t-shirt sales
    goes to the Victorian Bushfire Relief.


  20. Cookster says:

    I’ll let you know what the deal is with the Maccas flags – talking to the restaurant owner shortly.


  21. Slanderer says:

    Wow, Cockster, you shure are one powerful journo. Maccas flag and the other one now back at full mast. What did you tell them?


  22. David Cohen says:

    We’re calling him Cockster now? Seems there are copies of that movie still in circulation…


  23. Bento says:

    Cockster Does Cockburn?


  24. Look Cockster, if you genuinely feel uncomfortable with your super 8 pornos being dug up, we can respect that. Just say the word, and the archive search will stop.


  25. Midlandia says:

    I don’t think Michael Keenan has cause to mourn Julie “Mesmerelda” Bishop’s demise. Presently, Keenan is the Shadow Minister for Workplace Relations, a portfolio formerly held by -wait for it- Julie Bishop. He took it up when Bishop left the portfolio to become Shadow Treasurer.

    Keenan’s perhaps keeping his fingers crossed to follow her lead and become Shadow Treasurer!


  26. Cookster says:

    Cockster huh? I prefer Cock-star, but to be honest, my porn days are long gone. Slanderer, were you that jilted fluffer on my last film who couldn’t even get a rise out of the water boy? Always knew you’d be back to cause trouble…


  27. Slanderer says:

    Touche Cockster, and to think I was going to taunt you further about THAT movie. And then you remembered my role.

    I’m trapped up in the northern suburbs at the moment, but next time I’m down your way let’s catch up and discuss the movie. Meanwhile there is no way I’m letting anything on to Lazy Aussie except I’m pretty sure this is one that My Ning knows nothing about.

    By the way, what did you say to Maccas?


  28. Cookster says:

    I feel like I’m missing something very obvious here, but can’t lay a digit on what it is…

    Maccas? I simply flagged this post to the bloke who runs the place.


  29. Slanderer says:

    Cockster, Oh your 2.10pm posting yesterday. You were about to talk to the restaurant owner. I assumed it was about the flags. Fries with that?


  30. Cookster says:

    Indeed – just let him know that his restaurant was featured on TWOP. Not sure what he did after that.

    Slanderer, apart from the part time fluffing gig, what do you do for a crust up there in the northern region?


  31. Rolly says:


    You need a PM function.


  32. Slanderer, should I send Cookster your email so you two ladies can relive old money shots? (There’s money shots, and there’s OLD money shots).


  33. David Cohen says:

    Two adult entertainment industry figures reunited. How touching.


  34. Snuff says:

    … And they’re both bad, bad Mormons.


  35. Slanderer says:

    Yeah, thanks Lazy Aussie, it’s time to sort this out man to man, mouse to mouse.

    Or alternately we could all just arrange to meet at Maccas and demand to know why they put the flags back up, sorta like “Youse guys un-Australian or sumfing?”


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