Outrage Sunday 98 Classified Files

The much-vaunted free bread was thin on the Jamie’s Kitchen table last night. There was apostrophe abuse, though.jamietoiletGotcha!”, our balcony-strutting colleague Bento thought when he got this. “They will be grateful after tapping into my expertise. Before you know it a drip becomes a flood.”faucetsMy way of spelling chicen is catching on.chicenrangeFree bread, new chicen – all pretty inconsequential compared to the big-ticet stuff. My colleague Wally Dunning-Kruger and I will be at the Albion Hotel in Cottesloe this morning, listening to the great Thomas Anderson.

“If you’re currently paying off an alleged loan or wanting to learn the truth about banking you can’t afford to miss this.
Thomas is an expert on Commerce, Law, artificial entities/strawman, the matrix and so much more.
You can listen to Thomas’ previous interviews and purchase his books from his website here: http://www.theclassifiedfiles.com/

“Note: RSVPing YES will not guarantee you entry on the day. You’ll need to send payment to the address listed above to insure you reserve a seat.

“If you’d like more info email Kerrianne at thomasandersonbooks@gmail.com”

Sounds good to me. It starts at 10.30am, BYO lunch and drinks), and finishes at 4pm.

Tickets are $30, pre-paid. Maximum capacity 200 guests – don’t miss out! Mr Anderson says: “Strictly no photographic, camera or video recording devices or mobile phones will be allowed into the venue. Audio recording only is okay.”event_215667312

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14 Responses to Outrage Sunday 98 Classified Files

  1. Shazza says:

    I’m not convinced Mr Anderson understands the term Strawman based on my brief reading of his site. I did find this interesting claim,

    “Please note that we are not engaged in commerce, and therefore we are not “selling” anything. When you make a donation toward our research you will recieve copies of our books in return for your support. We prefer to receive cash or Australia Post Money orders as we are unable to offer other payment options such as cheques, credit card, paypal or western union etc”


  2. Round table. That’s always death.


  3. Bill O'Slatter says:

    The history of chichen is deep, dark and troubled,beginning with Chichen Threat and Chichen Cheat who later amalgamated.There were prawns involved, and still are, but not so much banana fritters. Chichen is now mainly run by QSR Holdings, a shadowy private equity firm.Perhaps Tommy could explain QSR, as long as he doesn’t go Dunning-Kruger.


  4. Martyn says:

    Fookin’ Prawns!

    By several accounts, Dr. K isn’t a terribly nice man. Friend of mine met him once, didn’t enjoy.


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