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The Stag at Bay

To all those that said I was no oil painting – in your faces! Magnificent not worst. I have been immortalised by artist Steve Makse.  You can see it and other fine portraits from 22nd to 27th January at Kidogo … Continue reading

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Low Ballin’

The bar is set so low in Fremantle. And seldom cleared. A soaping per groin use lower even than Dennmark. By Bento.    

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Koi Me

I’m just going for Koi Child. Is that a neck rag and a necklace? 

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Level Up

Was in the artist colon-y in the old Myer building in Freo. MANY. There’s a crab level in the carpark, but for the serious, dial 4 for herpes – The artist level. Herpes begins here.  True story.        

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Strangely, Shazza never mentioned that this total embarrassment is out in public. It actually keeps going around the block in some kind of…lap, as if it wasn’t trying to hide. You think that Fremantle couldn’t get any shittier, and then … Continue reading

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I would have been more impressed with Spainish – from Itaily. By Pete F. Fremantle.

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So Close

Just in case I am unable to post from Rottnest, Dave P. shows that as soon as Krazy Tees closes, a new showering and shoe wearing class moves into Fremantle. Things are changing already! Although as Pete F. Shows, anarchy … Continue reading

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The Turning

Freo’s Krazy Tees gone? Say it not so! How will we discern the six different types of farts from info on another’s shirt??? Will Ugg boot emporiums be next. Can the bankrupt and empty shops also close? Is this the … Continue reading

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Although I guess before you fuck aoili you need to be able to spell aoili. Shouldn’t it be fuck quinoa? Fremantle, Gesha Coffee, by Reign of Error. Apparently cnr Queen Victoria and James St. I couldn’t find it on street … Continue reading

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Khe Sanh

There’s nothing like the sausage roll… of a jaded Chinese Princess. The educating of the Fremantle palate. By Mixed Media.    

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