Al fresco desert

Yeah Right shared what he describes as a failure of taste, class and understanding. And yes it does seem to be a Simpson Desert of vibrancy in Fremantle. But at least it’s not an out of business ugh boot shop no?  Yeah Right also goes on, “in this part of the world were people’s opinions are silenced and where National Days are chopped and changed about as if they were about as important as hairdressing appointments.”

I thought the problem in Freo was that they listened to to those crackpots’ opinions too much. Isn’t that why the place is so shitty now? That they keep listening to knobheads?If only they were silenced! Fremantle is one of the last places in the world where some dickheads views would be silenced. And isn’t Australia Day in reality hugely less important than a hairdressing appointment?

But yeah, this is contraindicated.

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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15 Responses to Al fresco desert

  1. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Architectural roller shutters are a nice touch.

    Freo are on to something. Once Near Australia Day catches on expect Almost Christmas and Not Quite Easter to follow. Almost Christmas in July might be pushing it too far though. I don’t expect Close to WA Day to get up as most people don’t even know what WA Day means..


  2. Sir Bill International says:

    Sir , I take offence at the statement quote , unquote.”And isn’t Australia Day in reality hugely less important than a hairdressing appointment?” Synchronised cracker night is of vital impotence to the AUSTRALIAN ECONOMIE ! ,worth at lesat a trillionty trillion dollars or more than the MINGIENG INDUSTRY ! (just ask them). Finally and in conclusion , if I haven’t mentioned this before, I take offence at this staemment. Good day to you Sir.


    • Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

      Australia Day royalties are the only thing keeping the former members of Icehouse and Ganggajang from the soup kitchen.


  3. Rong1 says:

    Looks like a thriving business! Even the graffitii hoons have abandoned the area.


  4. cheapfame says:

    The google image states this to be Leighton Beach which provides more context. I was wondering why there weren’t any milk crates or yarn bombing.


  5. Zuben says:

    Beachless bimbo beach architecture in which the pavement is skater-proofed .

    Is there 10 more storeys of west – facing glass , without which no DAP approval is ever granted ?


  6. GivDBird says:

    moar vibrant


  7. Yeah Right says:

    A few plastic seats out on the concrete to give you somewhere to suck on polystyrene coffee cups and ‘Look at us’……. ‘Aren’t we so worldly’? Yeah Right. The thing about those anti skate board pavements is that they hold last weeks’ pukes well into the next week.


  8. Zuben says:

    But this isn’t freo this is Leighton , a clean-sand labor government network city activity centre initiative about which deah Alannah once said , ‘ The Wealthy Have Aspirations Too ‘ and which was said to have been reduced to one ninth it’s pre-DAP approved size by public pressure emanating from further south .

    Damn Bolsheviks !

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