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The goon genital connection

Noted this rather charming sculpture in Howard Street almost 9 years ago. (A reminder literally below.) Mark G returns in the last days of the blog with this…tribute? Warning? Attempt at modesty? In any case, we’ve all ended up naked … Continue reading

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A junk Digger which was quite charming in its way. Moora. 

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Thalidomide Wrap

The appallingly awful insult to John Curtin statue has finally been transformed, possibly by Christo himself into something a little more interesting. One of Perth’s most inept bronzes, kind of looks OK wrapped. Thanks to SW for the pic. It … Continue reading

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Outrage Overseas la Boozies de la Indochine

I’d admired Orbea’s back-door, and had high hopes. I just wasn’t expecting the variety. Battambang was a joy. Different colours and angles – it was a smorgasbord. We were sorry to leave the Cambodge. But the riches of Vietnam awaited. … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 169 meet the locals

dogging in perth for housewives. sex on nudist beaches perth. any posts for dogging at pinnaroo last night? Last week TLA was discomfited at the mega-traffic TWOP gets from would-be doggers. Alas, the top TWOP post is August 2011’s Cockington … Continue reading

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Deff Geoff

Some time ago I made this bust of former Premier “Deff” Geoff Gallop out of masking tape, paint and a lunch box. (So there’s some art of mine you can criticise.) It seemed like a much simpler and more innocent … Continue reading

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Worst of Perth Walking Tour (Part Two) Piddling Honky

Worst Public Art/Sculpture We continue Cimbali’s walking tour of Kalamunda’s public art atrocities. Moving on from the turd in the pond, exit Stirk Park at the top gate where Kalamunda road terminates. Cimbali continues… Next comes the Piddling Honkies. While … Continue reading

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Worst of Perth Walking Tour (Part One)

Worst Public art/sculpture Some excellent work here from Cimbali. May have to reconsider Morley Walruses as worst of the worst public art. Kalamunda is a suburb in the hills east of Perth. Over to you Cimbali… Cimbali says, “Firstly, Gone … Continue reading

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The Walrus: A Perth Native

“Into Time, Into the Dream The Moon and the Sun Only from within can this love shine” Such says the plaque, which seems a little at odds with the walruses on a rock motif. So the love can only shine … Continue reading

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