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Please don’t bronze Pavlich

Although another terrible bronze to mock would be a distraction from the other terrible bronzes in Fremantle, particularly the appalling Bon Scott and the thalidomide John Curtin. The West’s (soon to be writing Bennett’s Beat for the Sunday Stokes?) Ben … Continue reading

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Continental Style

Another excellent submission from Glenn. Unfortunately this apparition on Beaufort Street Inglewood is now covered over. Looks like a man who would be into “Spanish” to me. I am actually getting through some reader submissions in the past couple of … Continue reading

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Friday Worstorama 1

You know that I generally prefer original material, but there are so many outside links and pics that deserve our attention, I’m going to make Fridays Worstorama Day, where we can look at some interesting snippets of Perth and even … Continue reading

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Refresh The West

Just a mini post. Since you are not likely to see it in our own newspaper, here are a couple of reports from The Age and The Oz about how crap The West Australian is according to Stokes. (Thanks Skink … Continue reading

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