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Fresh Air Zone 

Blowin documents the fresh air zone behind Gino’s in Fremantle. Stress at the closing of yet another ugg boot shop, or a celebratory ciggie on the welcome departure of the traitorous Cock-Burn Thunder? They hilariously left hapless Freo with a … Continue reading

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Josh Kennedy, Active Shooter

Extraordinary piece by CW seen on the Warsaw end of Milligan Street (Northbridge), showing Josh Kennedy gaining an unfair advantage over the pack with use of an automatic. At one point he even seems to shoot his own foot off. … Continue reading

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Many, many have sent this WA Toady screenshot to me. I’m guessing if they say anus, they mean anus. Why go annus  anyway, what would be the point?

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Bring the glory hole home

When this arrived at my workplace some time ago, I was confused and disgusted in equal measure. Now, I’ve come round. Let’s get this baffling glory hole back in place. I’m ready for it. I have been assured that Matthew … Continue reading

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Fine Young FIFOs

It had to happen. If WA can’t get Chinese workers, then children will have to do. And, depending on the age, there may  be a discount price for under 12s on the Telfer flight. By Gilly. In Cock-Burn. Home of … Continue reading

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Aromatherapy vs lobotomy

I will actually be in Freo this evening for some Worsting bizness. I might try my hand at a little street art therapy in Dockerland. The Eagles? Well they need psychosurgery. No lavender enema’s going to cure that shit.

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The Rules of Banking

Now what the hell is this all about? Too many questions. Is Pavlich throwing out the rules of banking? Is he endorsing the rules of banking? It looks like he needs glasses, so maybe he has to hold the rules … Continue reading

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