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Weekend Worstoff 52

Can it really be a whole year of worstoffs? And still they come. Sking Skink reacts to Colin “Petrol Sniffin” Barnett and the Cabinet Ministers’ website Dave finds the excellent Ute Chick . Also Barbequeue Chick. Richard was nonplussed over … Continue reading

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A Torana of gold, against your soul

Yes, I have been spending too much time on the Beaufort St arrondisement, so it was a nice change to be able to head West into the town of Cambridge and down to Floreat Beach. Look, town of Cambridge elders. … Continue reading

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A House is not a home…

Mr_JC rightly asks why we haven’t featured Tony Sadler before. How worst is that guy? That voice that droned like a dying dog in Perth heads for how long? 35 years? “A house is not a home without Tony Sadler.” … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 25

Went back to the Town of Vincent’s Stripper’s’ World for another look. As well as being home to the Cunt ‘Kini, you can also get a non C model. Or it might be the back. So if Margaret Court and … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 23

Timely international worst from Helen, and not our first Moscow worst. Grab a crapdog. reminds me of the Chinese restaurant chain, “Even a dog wouldn’t eat it.” Thanks Helen. Speaking of crap, have a look at the Cookster’s site for … Continue reading

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The Worst Of Perth TV – London Court

Now don’t get me wrong, I love London Court, despite, or perhaps because of how ridiculous the premise was and how out of place it is. For overseas worsters, London Court is a shopping centre built in Olde Englande style, … Continue reading

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Friday Worstorama 1

You know that I generally prefer original material, but there are so many outside links and pics that deserve our attention, I’m going to make Fridays Worstorama Day, where we can look at some interesting snippets of Perth and even … Continue reading

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Pork Ice Cream

Is there a hidden meaning to this sign in Swanbourne? Is it a joke? Perhaps someone knows. I’ve heard of a pork sword, but a pork icecream cone? At least it’s organic I suppose. :: :: :: :: :: :: … Continue reading

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Bra Burning

This was a lesson to me. I meant to stop and take a picture of this ugly lingerie factory in Maylands, but decided I could do it later. The next day it burned down. Would have been really cool to … Continue reading

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Location, location

Directly across the road from the wagon chair. At least it doesn’t have a christian fish on it. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

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