Weekend Worstoff 52

Can it really be a whole year of worstoffs? And still they come.

Sking Skink reacts to Colin “Petrol Sniffin” Barnett and the Cabinet Ministers’ website

week52barney2week52barney1Dave finds the excellent Ute Chick . Also Barbequeue Chick.

week52uteRichard was nonplussed over these 44 gallon drums lashed to the side of a new building in Ruth Street Northbridge. They look like depth charges to me.

week52depthAnd Neen took a dislike to this York real estate agent sign. It does seem to say Co-linking not Colin King.

week52colinThanks everyone for this year of weekend worstoffs. Worst well.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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32 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 52

  1. Snuff says:

    Good work, sking, and I suspect I’m not the only one eagerly awaiting Barney’s xtranormal debut. Is it just my hangover, or does that say “Police line donut cross”?

    Perhaps it’s just the curved roof and the aerials, but those 44s do seem rather nautical, TLA. Regardless, I’ve had an abiding affection for anything related to 44s ever since I used to roll around the backyard inside them, or enjoy a cooling dip in them as private pools, so I’m voting vehemently, not worst. And just on childhood; a ute, a barbie, and gum trees, are almost enough to make a soul homesick on a weekend. Almost.



    • skink says:

      here you go, Snuff

      all requests considered

      ignore the fact that the figure appears to John McCain – it was the only old white man in a suit that they had. Kinda suits Col’n though


      • Snuff says:

        Excellent, thank you, skink. Did I enjoy that ? As a well spoken chap, formerly from the western suburbs, may I just say, “Did I f*ck”.


  2. Grrr says:

    All brilliant.
    The drums? Not Worst.


    • I think the drums were a poor choice. They look like drums. Might be a good place for a remake of The Bedford Incident.


    • Richarbl says:

      Sorry to hear that you are not suitably outraged by drums used as flowerboxes however I would reccomend anyone in the pursuit of worstfulness to check out this house in person because photos cannot do it justice. These stupid drums encircle the entire house including four hanging directly over the footpath certainly posing some sort of safety risk to pedestrians not mention mysterious panes of blue glass positioned on various parts of the building, homemade spaceship antennae and other weird shit. For me, this disaster ticks so many boxes I’m gonna need a new biro


      • Oh, I didn’t read your submission closely enough. i thought it was a restaurant. No looking againg. Bad idea that looks crap.


        • The Bedford Crackpot Fraternity! says:

          The drums are all wrong!!!!! Flower Pots? What where they smoking? Where are the aprons, the BBQ tongs, the charcoal beads, come on people, where has australian iconographic design gone wrong? Its all gone f*#king green!! Paint those Fu#kers in the colours of the Aussie flag, a bit of blue with a few stars, arc ’em up – lose the shrubbery and start throwing beer soaked flamin’ snags & chops of the landing!


  3. Sledge says:

    “Is this some kind of bust?”
    Obviously a quotation from Luana De Faveri — infamous Pinjarra barmaid:


  4. David Cohen says:

    A year of badness (mine were the best).
    We have not yet scraped the barrel’s bottom
    Of this sick city and we will not rest
    Until we have seen all that is rotten.
    Horny Alsations, Jacob, trees of palm,
    The Cabinet, the Queens and the ‘Ling:
    It’s all too hideous, but please let’s stay calm,
    Lest we lose our metrosexual schwing.
    Our task is thankless but we must endure
    The dolphins, the crap cars, caps of quokka,
    Shit design and signs – visual manure!
    Teh Pert is thirty-five miles of shockers.
    If it gets too much, fire up some herring:
    The salty smoke will stop you despairing.


    • You had me up until hearring/despairing.
      2 years of TWOP will be up in September, and it doesn’t look like we’ll make the million views. (predictions are about 800 000) Click faster you bastards!


  5. David Cohen says:

    I wonder if skink knows Scarlett Johansson. Do you think he’d pass on her number??


  6. Bill O'Slatter says:

    Col’n is actually saying “Mmmm, I love the smell of reffo in the morning”.


  7. Ljuke says:

    So Skink shot Twice, then Jim Fell?


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