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I came across this great display a couple of days ago. I better not say where. It takes me back though. Squeezing the last mouthful from 4 (and sometimes 5) litres of Paddlewheel. And some less pleasant interior design can … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 30

I’ll be in Bunbury for some of today, so I’m packing an extra 8gig hi speed card for the camera, because, well it’s Bunbury. Liam sends an amazing link from Realestate website of what at first looks like a dull … Continue reading

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Jesus saves to D drive

This is the scene at a computer shop internet cafe on Beaufort street.  I like the dinosaurs. Surely a contender for worst interior design. It’s a flatpack available from IKEA. I’m not sure if Jesus or minor underling making wit … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 20

Instead of international worsts, I thought I’d use this worstoff to try and clear just a few of the giant backlog of submissions. A couple of people have been after this lovely sticker. Fuck off we’re full. Finally captured by … Continue reading

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Himmler, had something simmler

Has the boom reached such an extent that some Perthons would actually be in the market for this neo Third Reich side table? I’d go for a giant plasma or V8 ute myself. The only way it could look good … Continue reading

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Jackson Bollocked

Don’t really know what category to put this one in. Perhaps Worst Architecture, because I am sure that when Jackson’s Hotel in Lord Street East Perth, (Formerly The Norwood, ) is demolished, what replaces it will not be an improvement. … Continue reading

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Just Swan Inn

Worst Toilet/Interior Design/Tiles/ This is the gents at The Swan Inn on Stirling Highway Fremantle. That’s Jarrad. He is part of The Jeff Strong Band, and shouldn’t really be in The Worst of Perth, because they were pretty good. There’s … Continue reading

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