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Submit Vile Vistas

It’s all very well for BSWAM to point out the pimples on the arse of the generally charming Hudson River Valley. And I understand that adding sliding aluminium windows to a 1680s tavern is “not ideal”, but where is real … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 129

Tristan H saw that the downward spiral of Dunsborough is being made even more exquisite. “Le” boatshed? Jeezus. I wonder what Brendon would think? This is not connected to my Le Specs wearing.People have sent me this Morley wall before. … Continue reading

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From my recent travels to the wild south. I know this sort of statement is supposed to be so subjective that it doesn’t have to stand scrutiny, but Brendon, at least try and make it sound believable! Are you really … Continue reading

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