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The Worst Of Perth was six months old this week, roughly coinciding with 200,000 views, 250 posts and 5000 comments! Who would have thought the city and the world would embrace worsts so enthusiastically? Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, submissions and (almost) overwhelmingly positive and amusing comments. Probably time for another The Worst of Perth classic.

Many people will remember being hassled to go to a “free” rock concert in the early 1980’s. The group was Potter’s House, some kind of christians. I remember one guy telling me how he used to own prawn trawlers and fuck young whores, but Potter’s House changed his life. Instead of the prawn and whore life, he was now handing out pamphlets in the Hay Street Mall. Right On!

The free concert used to take place in Scarborough. I’m not sure of the building, but it was on Scarborough Beach Rd, not far from the beach. I said I’d go along one day if I could take photos. I took one of my favourite photos before they asked me to leave. I wonder what happened to this girl. This was sometime in the early 80’s. They are still around, but now instead of rock concerts, it is free movies. The poster was at Perth Station only last week.

potter’s house
cult movie

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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47 Responses to Cult Movie

  1. David Cohen says:

    Hassled to go to a concert? If only that was all. At one time in the 1980s you couldn’t wait to catch a bus or walk in the city without being hassled by a Born Again. And as LA says, the sad sorry tale of their pre-BA life involved drugs, sex, drugs, unhappiness, excess, drugs and booze.
    They made the pre-BA life sound very exciting, but more than one would get a bit hostile if you weren’t interested…
    What caused this surge in BA activity? I know they’re still around – they’re just not anywhere as in-your-face as they were in the 80s…


  2. cimbali says:

    congratulations LA, an amazing milestone. I imagine that you have enough followers to start your own cult now, I will start looking out for subliminal messages in your comments.
    The first movie sounds interesting. I do think that a religion which causes millions of people to disappear in a biblical rapture can’t be all bad. It reminds me of that fantastic comedy book the Celestine prophecy which had the Mayan civilisation vibrating so hard they all disappeared – that was a comedy wasn’t it?
    The second photo on the poster is quite intriguing! What is he holding in his hands? is he the Antichrist deceiving people or is he in the process of being deceived.
    As for the third – It doesn’t surprise me that you can catch strange spreading diseases in the back room of the community centre


  3. David Cohen says:

    Dear me: Kirk Cameron. Was cheeky loveable Mike on Growing Pains. Now has had a large portion of his brain removed.


  4. How the lowly have fallen.


  5. Nettie says:

    Awwww gawd, I can’t believe I’m going to share this story with you lot but here goes anyway…

    About a year ago we’d just moved to lovely Lockridge from my beloved hills but hadn’t moved everything as we were still painting so we didn’t have a TV or computer or anything. I was home alone one night as hubby was working back and was feeling very bored and a bit lonely. I had been watering the garden when I heard a band start playing in the park opposite us. I was listening as I was pottering (no pun intended) and they sounded quite good. I finished up my watering and found it was quarter to eight and I had a message on my phone from hubby saying he’d still be another half hour or so. So I thought ‘Well, I might just have a mosey on over and check out the band’.
    I wondered over to the park and found three young guys playing and figured they must be a young band being sponsored as part of a youth festival of some sort (there’d been a few festival type things in the area lately). I sat down at the top of the amphitheatre amidst the broken glass and discarded syringes and soon a woman came over to me, asking if she could sit next to me as she had been sitting on an ants nest. I didn’t particularly mind and so said of course she could. She looks at me and says in a high pitched, over-enthusiastic voice ‘Hi, I’m xxxxxxx! How are you??? Do you live near here?’ I explained we’d just moved in across the street and had heard the band and thought I’d come check it out as they sounded good. ‘They’re wonderful, aren’t they!? I can’t believe they’re so good, for ones so young!’

    Oh God, I thought. I bet this is a ‘pageant’ mother – one of those crazy obsessive mothers of children with some kind of talent. I thought I’d be stuck listening to her all night rattle on and on and on and on about how good her son was and about which instrument he played and how he’d be the next Mozart or Lennon.
    I nodded politely and listened a bit more until the song came top an end. Then one of the guys starts talking. ‘Yeah, thanks so much, glad you could make it tonight. That song was called Depression and if any of you suffer from depression or know anyone who does, then we’re here tonight to help you find a cure.’

    Oh, they must be sponsored by the Health Department, thought I.

    ‘Depression is a scary thing, but there’s one thing that can cure it. Jesus Christ’

    Jesus Christ, they’re religious loons! I had stumbled upon a gathering! xxxx then proceeded to inform me that they were part of a Christian community, The Potter’s House that went from park to park, spreading the word. I stayed for the next song as I didn’t want to be rude and then they called upon people from the audience to give their testimonies. After hearing from an ex-narcotics dealer, who one fateful night stumbled upon the bodies of five car crash victims I figured it was my time to go. I made my apologies and hurried home, eager to be away from Sheena before she tried to convert me.

    When I got home I discovered that hubby had arrived home and my mother was frantic as she had rung and was told that no, Annette isn’t home, yes her car is here, the house is locked but no, she hasn’t left a note. According to mother, anything could have happened, I could have had an asthma attack and been rushed to hospital, I could have fallen and broken a leg, I could have been raped and pillaged, the fiery depths of hell could have swallowed me up, yadda yadda yadda. Of course when I explained to Mum what had happened she really freaked out as the reality was much, much worse than any of that. Someone had tried to convert me.

    Please don’t think too harshly of me people. I managed to escape and all is well although I’m not quite as gullible any more…


    • Steve says:

      hey cool story. Them Potters House xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, been there.


    • Bev Watt says:

      Interesting to read your post. xxxxxxx was my best friend when I lived in Launceston in my teens before returning to the UK. We were like sisters and I missed her terribly. She even came to visit me there and we had a whale of a time. In 1999 I returned to Launceston, to discover she had got mixed up with Potters House. I couldn’t believe it and neither could my family – she was the most normal and grounded person you could meet. She did stand for me at my wedding and I assumed we could carry on our friendship where we had left off.
      Some of this might not be apppropriate in public. Have edited.


  6. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Nettie, that was a lucky, lucky escape. Some friends of mine were once talked into attending the Potters House movie night – on Scabby Beach rd – and they (the PH) locked the doors & wouldnt let them leave until they’d given over their names and addresses. One unfortunate soul wasnt quick thinking enough and gave his real address and I think still gets hassled to this very day.


  7. Hotlblackdesiato says:

    The Scientologists on King street were about as close to the Potters as I got. A friend was doing Psychology at Murdoch and specialized in the personality profiling thing. The one that the Scientologists used was actually developed at Oxford University and apparently was quite Kosha (mixing my religions a bit here) it was more how it was interpreted. My friend got himself invited in and answered the questions so that he appeared to have a flawless personality that would have been second only to Jesus. Despite the good result they told him that with help from them he could be even better! He told them that he was a Psych. student and they quite literally threw him out and screamed abuse at him…

    You can do it online now. For a laugh we had a profile competition at work! Hours of fun on the net just waiting to happen…


  8. A friend of mine got a flatline result with only a massive peak on agression to show he was still alive.


  9. poor lisa says:

    Nettie I love that story & I thank you for sharing it. She was sitting on an ants nest! Sponsored by the Health Department! You dídn’t want to be rude! That’s how these cults get people in.

    Those movies sound GREAT. I had not heard about the conversion of Kirk Cameron until now, how fascinating.
    I suppose being The Spunk on the pale imitation of Family Ties is about as low as a person can sink, even lower than working on prawn trawlers & fucking prostitutes, so he did need to start making movies about the antichrist.

    I think everyone has their memories of the Potters House. They had a shopfront near my high school on Shepparton Rd, they used to lure unsuspecting kids in by looking like pot dealing hippies.


  10. That was owning prawn trawlers and “young” prostitutes PL. If he was just swabbing the decks and rooting old boilers, then maybe the mall/pamphlet life would have looked slightly better. Owning trawlers and young prozzies, while not exactly wholesome, still seemed a cut above Potter’s House life to me.


  11. poor lisa says:

    LA that would depend how old you are. One man’s old boiler is another man’s nubile prawn.


  12. Re Left Behind
    Passengers disappearing on a flight to London? Rapture? Perhaps. But more likely Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

    Those left behind titles, just make me think left cheek. Left behind my arse.


  13. Ljuke says:

    Those movies sound freakin awesome! I like how the second blurb seems to suggest that Kirk Cameron IS the anti-christ.

    I saw some witnesses the other day riding their bicycles through Carlisle. One of them had let go of the handle-bars and had his hands on the back of his head. I didn’t realise that church doctrine allowed hot-dogging?


  14. Golden1 says:

    To be fair to Kirk Cameron – a gig is a gig. I know many an actor who would happily nail themselves to a cross topless to be able to write “Actor” on their CV rather than waiter or shop assistant.


  15. G1, did you look at the wiki link. I’m not sure about a gig’s a gig. More like a knob’s a knob. There’s a photo of him refuting evolution. I think it may have been his brain that was left behind.


  16. poor lisa says:

    How do you refute evolution in a photo? Especially if you have a jaw like Kirk Cameron’s?

    Oh I get it, I just went back and examined the picture. You show a photo of a croco-duck. Well that’s it – I’m a convert.


  17. Golden1 says:

    Yes, clearly a knob – but he has had far more gigs refuting evolution than he did not refuting evolution – if you know what I mean. Given that the career options open to B grade sit-com stars after their 15 minutes are up are fairly limited, keeping yourself in acting work by becoming a crackpot evangelical christian looks almost resourceful.


  18. poor lisa says:

    I guess you’re right G1… if you aren’t a star in the first place… like the Different Strokes kids… you can’t do a whole lot of crashing and burning or appearing in pornos and holding up convenience stores or whatever…. you just have to show pictures of croco-ducks to refute evolution and start in Potters House movies.


  19. Yes Potters had their heyday a while back – they specialised in mainipulating (and feeding) poor guys with tatts who had been in the can more than a few times. So their converts were often true hard boys and the underlying aggression and strut of the born again ex cons who stepped right into your body space combined with the relentlessness of the Christians was a genuinely scary mix – frightening many into staying at a “meeting” for a lot longer than intended.

    Nettie – you didn’t get the address of that lady in the park – Sheena – I was just thinking – was she ever in New York of New Jersey and a punk rocker?


  20. Tony T. says:

    Sheena liked trains.

    Potters House was down the end of my street on Scarborough Beach Road. A mysterious place to me and my friend who would always walk/drive by and peer surreptitiously at the building wondering what sort of strange people were inside.

    There was also a mob called Antioch. An ex-friend of mine joined up. Yes, ex-friend.

    And there were loads of born-agains in both Geraldton and Bunbury. Dunno what it is/was about those joint but there were b-bashers galore. And loads of weird ads on the old GWN telly, too.


  21. Tony T. says:

    Ummmm… my website isn’t really AFL Fox Tipping.


  22. Rolly says:

    May the Good Lord save me………..*from* religion: That’s my prayer at the end of the day.


  23. Klaus says:

    AFL Fox Tipping…sounds like a glorious hybrid of AFL, fox hunting and cow tipping.

    Now there’s a sport I’d bet on!


  24. Frank Calabrese says:

    [They are still around, but now instead of rock concerts, it is free movies. The poster was at Perth Station only last week.]

    And theyh are there from 4.30 handing out flyers on the Concourse – though tey’re rather restricted from spruiking near the escalators/platforms – thanks to the Smartrider Barriers :-)


  25. Devnull says:

    Oh yeh, Kirk Cameron is a complete nutbag. Check youtube for video after video of the world according to Kirk, which unfortunately has no basis in reality whatsoever. The world is full of dipshit fundy creationists, but Kirk takes the dipshit cake.


  26. My Ning says:

    I think I’ve seen Left Behind – The Movie. The guy in question is an Australian cricketer who drinks so much beer on his way to an ashes tour that the other passengers disappear when he blacks out. Meanwhile, in Left Behind II, it turns out the anti-christ is Fred Nile. I seem to recall a scene where he fillibusters in the UN chamber all night wearing pajamas as he tries to stamp out a prostitution bill. He’s not so much deceiving as he is confusing.


  27. Mr Xy says:

    Cheese and Rice!!
    (CHEEEEEEEEZUNROYCE with southern USA accent)

    I worked it out the first image is the woman who donated the egg for Christ to be BORN AGAIN!

    The second is the Sperm Donation (Kirk Cameron) and he is checking the volume, clarity and taste! Look at that concentrating smile, must be pretty good!!

    Thirdly if you look real hard you can see the figure of Christ in the image!! look its there I can see it!!!

    OH, LA this is new revelations stuff I am converted, forget the free concerts, movies, prawn trawlers or whores I am in with out it. (maybe not the whores are they in the back room after the movie, I am sure I read that somewhere)

    Blessed be TWOP and the Creator LA!!!


  28. Birkette says:

    “Many people will remember being hassled to go to a “free” rock concert in the early 1980’s. ”

    Speaking of misplaced apostrophes…

    I think they play those films on loop in Guantanamo as a more severe form of torture than waterboarding. Think worse than Madonna’s Swept Away.

    Check out the Rapture Ready forum – there are people on there who got saved after reading the Left Behind books and think they are more factual than the Bible. But, then again they’re the sort of people that voted for George W. Bush… twice.


  29. wayne says:

    Ive been to the nutters house i rember telling the pastor about stories i heard about them like people being tied to chairs or drag out by there hair and being accused of being a witch or people held down and having water throw on them to remove the demons


  30. wayne says:

    If i eva meet these bastads ill b bad on them far too many years under there abuse


  31. Edd the cat says:

    I’ve been there and done that. Nothing that strange or terrifying, just a bunch of Christians doing their deeds according to the bible. My only objection is music is too loud.


  32. Anonymous says:

    I was once an atheist – concluded there is no truth to the evolution story its just another belief system needing blind faith.


  33. Billy Bant says:

    The problem is that good honest people get caught up in this horrible institution. They are then brainwashed , often these people come to the church at a very vaunrable time in their lives. xx xxx xxxxx xx xx is a horrible hateful xxxxxxxxx. The church is now in beechboro on marshall road. Avoid at all costd


  34. Anonymous says:

    i was born into the potters house they are def a cult, they raise you from a young age to believe all there shit, and half of it is not even from the bible, i do believe that they dont even read there bibles hey


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