Night Parking

Remember when you gave your parking money to a human and not a machine? No matter how tired and surly this fellow might have been, he’d still be better than all the parking machines at Perth Airport put together. I meant to post another of these The Worst of Perth Classics to celebrate 100 000 hits, but things moved a little fast for me, so here’s to 150 000. This is from the carpark near the corner of Roe Street and Lake Street Northbridge. It is still a carpark I think, although I try not to go into Northbridge these days. I’m guessing this is 1983, in my grainy night shot phase. I actually miss those chemicals and the darkroom.


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About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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22 Responses to Night Parking

  1. tomthrett says:

    i hate the fact i am alive now. golly thats good.


  2. flynn says:

    those chemicals may explain a lot.


  3. Yes we had cool chemicals and darkened rooms in those days Tom, but no blogs, so swings and roundabouts.
    I can take a nice photo from time to time.


  4. Mez says:

    back when $1 could buy a shit load of mixed lollies


  5. lisa says:

    Yeh the $1 sounds good but remember a middy cost about the same.
    I don’t think you could get parking in Northbridge for the price of a middy now.
    And you had to lick the road clean etc.

    Please can we have more grainy 80’s Northbridge photos?


  6. Maybe another archive shot at 200 000 views. Keep clicking baby.


  7. Levon says:

    I think there’s still one place in the city that actually has a parking attendant (at least, it did four years ago). It’s just on the Esplanade, right before it ends at Barrack St, under some office building. I pulled in there once and was astounded to see a living person sitting in one of those booths (of course he was old and cranky). From what I remember it was a fairly crap parking lot, unless you were driving a Fiat you had no way of fitting into any of the spaces. I pulled in, couldn’t park anywhere, then turned around to drive out. The old man was gone (possibly in some ironic statement about the decline of his profession, or a loo break), and I beeped the horn. He than came and abused me for beeping my horn. So, maybe it’s good these people are gone.


  8. Evil Paul says:

    Yes. Very yes.


  9. Nettie says:

    Queen St parking still has an attendant whom you pay on the way out. Of course you only park there if there’s no where possibly left to park in all of Perth…
    Actually there you go, I nominate Queen St parking for worst multi-storey parking in Perth! It’s narrow, hard to negotiate, expensive and there’s a strong likelihood of a mugging if you park there at night.


  10. Bedfords Crackpot Fraternity says:

    Its got a bit of the Warhols about it that pic, looks a bit like old Andy in there, scratching his brain for another spaced out avant-garde soup tin journey down carpark drive!!


  11. Speaking of Warhol. I sometimes wonder what they put in the soup down there in Bedford when i read the comments.


  12. Bedfords Crackpot Fraternity says:

    He was a product of the 60’s man its not entirely impossible that he could have taken a short sebatical in a Perth carpark!!


  13. tomthrett says:

    just before howard st on the esplanade there is an old chinese parking attendant. 7 dollar all night! good deal! i guess, its my first time i ever used a parking lot, it was cool. yet scary.


  14. I went down to Northbridge. This place is gone.


  15. The Legend 101 says:

    Just the other week we went to a party at Matilda Bay and the parking metre said $5.00 for one hour and my mum put in $5.50 and i didn’t give her change how rigged and there was twelve people coming to the party and each one had to pay $5.00.


  16. Snuff says:

    I’ll just leave this here.


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