no mankinis please we’re in Bentley

Brer Bento may be a nappy-changing, balcony-dwelling goat-cheese-eating PUMCIN, but he was a uni student once and there is still a spark burning feebly in his duck-a-la-orange-stuffed belly. I know this to be true because Comrade Bento sent me this item from the latest Grok, which the students at Curtin publish.

“Kids these days…dress standards? Not in my day,” he huffed. And it is true: Rachel Murray calls short denim pants a “scourge” and wants the authorities to “set a standard of expectation”. The scourge distracts students from the “content” they study.

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121 Responses to no mankinis please we’re in Bentley

  1. The Legend 101 says:

    Wow thats a lot of pointless writing.


  2. Lucky Star says:

    I must admit, I’m not fond of seeing girls with bums and boobs hanging out there when I go shopping or whatever, but that’s usually because the short shorts and boob tubes are on people with tree trunk legs and with back fat. Joondalup Shopping Centre was a fine example if this on Sunday. I felt like I needed to bleach my eyes by the time I left. But isn’t university a time in their life where young people are meant to make bad fashion choices? Where they can look back at photos in horror in a few years time and think, “What the hell was I thinking?”

    I’m more concerned about the clothes being age appropriate. I hate it when I see girls as young as 12 or 13 dressed in those bum flashing shorts. My cousin came over from Canberra in January and took a train to Freo, and happened to see just such a group of tanned teenage girls on the way. Her take on it was, “Wow, everyone in Perth looks so healthy! But what’s with the teens on the train with little shorts up their bums? I wouldn’t let my girls go out like that.”


  3. TLA102 says:

    Curtain stewdents are funny.


  4. Juffy says:

    TWOP continues to be eductational – today it taught me that I went to the wrong university.


  5. Paracleet says:

    You’re fucking kidding me, what next?

    “Universities have typically been viewed as places of free speech, expressing yourself and creativity. Is it time for University to start excluding those who choose to infringe on others rights through the wearing of cut off denims? Besides these skank-ass, low socio economic status troglodytes are really distasteful, how does the system even let them in in the first place? Oh and how about a few less Blacks, Asians and self-identifying aboriginals while we’re at it?”


  6. Hughie says:

    As I walked around O-Day at UWA last year, I remarked to my similarly mid-30s-aged colleague, “They didn’t look like this or dress like this in our day – why can’t we be 18 again?” Crop tops and short-shorts are the new black on campus.


  7. Lucky Star says:

    Sorry, bit OT… it’s f**king prosh today. How many times can one politely say, “No, I don’t want your paper!” when the idiots have spaced themselves only half a block apart from each other and can see I didn’t want one from his mate down the street already. Grr! Was ready to hip and shoulder the last guy that stepped out in front of me on William St.

    Sorry for the grumpy post, but I hate prosh day (just in case you hadn’t already guessed!).


    • vegan says:

      yes, i had the same experience, trying to photograph buildings down william street this morning.

      perhaps you are in one of my shots?


      • Lucky Star says:

        If you were taking photos at about 9.45 around 140 William up to the CAT stop just past Murray St, then yes, you may have snapped a very exasperated looking woman in a black dress with curly red hair Vegan – that’d be me.


    • Bill O'Slatter says:

      Do you want TWOP to turn into some kind of old farts collective ? Queue Rolly.
      Give generously to Prosh. It is a charity after all.


      • vegan says:

        i give to charities.

        just not this one.

        and i do think there tactic of placing two or three young folk every fifty metres annoying.

        if that makes me an old fart, so be it.


        • Lucky Star says:

          Sorry Bill, I’m with Vegan on this. I give to charities and I’m all for giving to charities. But not that one.

          After my first prosh especially where a student harrassed me for 10 minutes and almost abused me for not buying his paper I’ve decided they can all get stuffed. I understand they’re trying to have with it, and I’m not suggesting TWOP become old fart central, but if that makes me an old fart then that’s fine with me.


          • Old Fart says:

            Dear Sirs,
            I am adding my voice of complaint to your register regarding the miscreants of Prosh. They are a blight upon the fair city of Perth.
            In addition I make the observation that a degree from any other University apart from “The University” is a case of bum meet degree.
            I hope this has clarified the situation,


          • Hutch says:

            From what I’ve seen (at Uni and since) most of the paper sellers themselves couldn’t give a middle class shit about charity


  8. Jaidyn-Jaxxon says:

    Universities are traditionally understood to have been places of higher learning in which the faculties of critical thought, formal logic and reasoned argument are taught to impressionable minds that might otherwise flounder in the attempt to express themselves at all.
    One of the most common ways students reflect these efforts is through their writings. I wonder, though, is it time Universities considered threshing out the chaff? I ask this because of two words: FUCKING IDIOTS.
    You would have to have been too poor to front up fees to have avoided the crushing realisation that campuses ‘these days’ are largely populated with blithering morons who will never have to prove their intellectual merit through anything more strenuous than a quick Wiki hunt while watching LifeStyle You. This demographic is easily recognised by their apparent preference for clubwear and expensive sunglasses, as a more ‘sophisticated’ alternative to simply dressing as an out-and-out skank.
    Revealing one’s stupidity through shallow value judgements and inane, apolitical diatribes on the trend of the month seem all too familiar these days. This is probably attributable to the rise of the ‘hipster’ as God and the unutterably loathsome mind-melding process that is Web 2.0. The Pod People have spoken and their message is a bleating chorus of acquiescence. It’s true, higher education is still an important sector of our economy, providing more and more revenue every year while gently easing off the taxpayer teat; yet surely we have to draw the line somewhere. I draw that line at pretending to be nice to these cretins, something I flatly refuse to do; they can fuck off.
    Now it may be argued that droning on and on about your ill-conceived, unchallenged hereditary middle-class worldview is a matter of personal choice – and surely we can all appreciate that ‘bums on seats’ is a University’s stock in trade – but it leaves me wondering whether such vacuous entities are not perhaps destined to end up as bums themselves, after graduating into the maelstrom that is the annual turnout of Commerce students (a glut of superfluity if ever there was).
    Universities are theoretically (that means according to a theory) a place in which a person may apply their mind to study and learning, in the hope of emerging a wiser, more capable person. Do you really want to expose yourself to ridicule by publishing unsupported claims that your fellow students are ‘hos’? If you really want to impress people with your University degree, it might be advisable to act as if you actually had one.
    So what is to be done about this nauseating parade of fools? Sadly, I think we all know that it’s too much of a stretch to expect Universities to introduce more stringent requirements for entry or success. The floodgates are open and anyone with a hundred thousand dollars can just waltz on through. All that is left is the vain hope that someday these self-entitled opinionistas will find themselves confronted with a moment of angst, causing them to pause and think – ‘am I really as intelligent as I thought I was, or have I been kidding myself?’ Have a nice day.


  9. skink says:

    surely this is just a witty counterpoint to Paul Nurry’s column in Teh West today preaching tolerance and saying that women have the right to wear whatever they like, even a burka, unless of course they are robbing a bank.


  10. vegan says:

    wow, i have to dress in a particular fashion to earn your respect?

    perhaps rachel is off to adfa.


  11. Shazzanator says:

    Oh my, I feel ill. I agree with Rachel. I’m old…sob, sob, sob.


  12. skink says:

    I see that bloggers have filed a law suit against the Huffington Post for $105M as recompense for unpaid contributions to the website. They reckon their work has contributed a third of the value of the business, which was sold to AOL for $315M

    In a similar vein I lay claim to one third of the value of The Worst of Perth on behalf of all the contributors that have helped create this impressive organ

    Please mail a cheque for $4.67 to my home address.


  13. poor lisa says:

    As a mature age student at another university known for housing the elite of the gene pool (old slags like me being the exception), some observations

    1) the girls do wear shorts that are so short the pockets hang out
    2) the boys wear incredibly tight shorts and skimpy tank tops, and many wear white moccasins with white ankle socks

    The hanging out pockets are kind of disgusting and moccasins with ankle socks… there aren’t words… . But I’m sure they say exactly the right thing to someone. Why not get away with it while they can?

    oh and unrelated, or is it a marker of the innocence with which these boys and girls wear their shorts:
    3) they all seem to speak to their parents on their iphones about 5 times a day and tell them they love them. It never used to be cool to admit to having parents, never mind speak to them. what’s going on?


  14. Mattb says:

    Are these shorts sold like that, or do people just chop up old jeans? I have a feeling they come with designer oversized pockets to hand down.


  15. squid says:

    I am the editor of Grok and appreciate any derogatory comments as it encourages me to sub-edit better. I can’t believe I missed ‘standard of expectation’. Bit disappointed you didn’t feature CARA’s letter to the editor though.


  16. The Legend 101 says:

    Bentley is a bad surburb and not a nice place to belong or live.


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