Dick Swisher

So much nostalgia and memories of 80’s nightclubs in comments lately. I wonder how much for Dirty Dick’s in Cambridge Street? We’ve had mention of Dirty’s before, but I found this LP at The record Finder in fremantle celebrating the worldwide sucess of Dirty Dick’s. For some reason it was hugely popular for decades. Ah the memories, Dick Swisher, frustrated Fanny…Almost worth wearing a paper bib to experience.

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15 Responses to Dick Swisher

  1. All of these things are due for revival : Dirty Dicks and the Red Parrott, the Red Parrott and Dirty Dicks etc. So step up to the plate gangster North Bridge entrepreneurs and make even more heaps of wonga.


  2. The Parrot would make a good spot for “The New Dirty’s”


  3. poor lisa says:

    It would only work if everyone can get babysitters on the same night.


  4. johnny carlton says:

    Youse an ideas man LA. who’d a thunk it Red Parrott + Dirty Dicks ; themed madness. Me and the boys’ll have a few beers and give this one a kick around at the next sitdown and then back slowly out the door. These ideas are dangerous you know.
    I remember the old Parrott : you could get the gear out as fast as you backed up the truck. The old bill seemed to turn a blind eye until they discovered modern policin.


  5. Kwality says:

    I see where the restaurant still exists on the easter seaboard, and they are still peddling the same tunes, albeit in updated format:



  6. Updated medieval. Amazing.


  7. Cookster says:

    I love a good theme restaurant. My sister had her 21st there and my grandad was labelled ‘The Village Idiot’ and made to sit in a corner. As he shuffled off I heard him muttering, ‘I’m no fucking idiot… fucking stupid idea this was… ‘ He’d been giving the Swan Draught a nudge. My Dad had to burst balloons with his arse.


  8. Cathode says:

    OMG, I so remember wanting to go there and somehow never making it (trans, none of my friends would have a bar of it).

    Id so get rid of the kids for a night just to dirty it up!

    I was a couple of years short for the red p. : (


  9. Scurrilous says:

    Oh for the days when something that sounded a bit like bottom could have us laughing so hard we forgot to breathe!


  10. Cathode says:

    I couldnt resist, I emailed them, and they said they may be heading out west in 2009!


  11. David Cohen says:

    OMG: a source just told me Grace Knight (Eurogliders) used to work at Dirty Dicks, as Maid Marion. Can anyone connfirm??


  12. Frank Calabrese says:

    [OMG: a source just told me Grace Knight (Eurogliders) used to work at Dirty Dicks, as Maid Marion. Can anyone connfirm??]

    I believe that indeed is the case :-)


  13. As long as she wasn’t Dick Swisher.


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  15. The Legend 101 says:

    Oy all the d—– dropping there cigars all of over hay st it stinks there.


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