AFR: “world is fukt”

Many thanks to Pete F, Cookester, et al for the heads-up about today’s Perth edition of the Australian Financial Review. Let he (or she) who is without quilt yadda yadda. I’m off to lunch at Galippoli with Ray Hughs.IMAG23491507607_10152420311578478_4907736360717332450_n10155983_10152420311703478_8441057661493634701_n

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If you are reading this, theDog Rock Motel internet is crap. Saying that, Wot Fuck? I Assume willies pop out between the minarets during the performance?


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New Beverley Detention Centre. Lots of Asians. Even a couple of Egyptians. Do we still imprison them?


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Jazz Apples

“Am I the only one that thinks these sound like an amusing nickname for testicles?” our vanilla-plating comrade Bento asks. “As in, ‘Johnson banged one in short, but it kept low and hit Cook right in the jazz apples‘.” Teh Facetube says: “It is juicy and exceptionally crisp. Jazz, Australia’s effervescent sweet n’ tart apple variety with the catchy name that is set to bring new attitude to lunch boxes, fruit bowls, salads and desserts across Australia.” Good thing TLA is down south: he would be outraged at Australian apples being jizzed on his blog. jazzapples

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Cross Purpose

A claim of maybe kinda not Worsts for these sesquicentennial cross stitches hanging in Parliament House just outside the Legislative assembly? You have to give these some credit. They would no doubt have been frequently infused by Troy Buswell’s pungent wine farts – exiting the chamber before he entered the chamber. But not worst? By JaneZ.



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Bad Indifference

I went to take the shot because I thought it said Bad Indifference. But anyway it is still a bad influence on other cars. Such as the controversial The Sangrurian. Btw, that’s Hans Merks’ yard finally becoming a vanished worst in the background. I hope the apartments will be called Thank You Towers. Right in Arrondissement heartland. Beaufort Street, where the poor old brothel premises still searches for a tenant.


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Outrage Sunday 144 Easter feature

Times are tough if JC is the drinks waiter. Guildford. easterrefreshThis Alien Easter egg freaked me out. Does a bilby burst out of that? Midland Woolworths. eastereggJust what I’ve always wanted: a “faux moss bunny”. But remember, TWOPers: Easter is about more than the bunny and the eggs. It must be. easterbunny

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