Drop Everything

Big P has purchased three tables of eight for TWOP fans. Please, no outside animals.



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It never forgets

From GoldenOne. East Brunswick Victoria.


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Shot of Steam

Exquisite shot from Pete F. Taking surfing beyond retro. Cottesloe.


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Climate Change

Snuff is still on tour, but Orbea reminds us that although it’s still Winter, it’s no secret that hot flushes are on their way. Subiaco. Although secrets of senility would probably be the go for this Subiaco location.


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Edge of reality

TONSKI sends in the al fresco area of a Henderson lunch bar as a worst. But I love it. I would totally eat a (possibly still slightly frozen in the centre) Chiko Roll here.


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Kalamunda bites back

Kala heavyweights have responded with cliches from both barrels to TLA’s savage attack 12 days ago. The Midland-Kalamunda Reporter’s Joel Kelly (whom my sources say lives in Parkerville) coaxed quotes from council CEO Rhonda Hardy about the TWOP outrage. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…whilst…eclectic range of architecture…some of the buildings being less inspiring…whilst…has its own charm…investor confidence…range of local and independent shopping, artisan and farmers markets”. Mr Kelly revealed a bundle will be spent on underground power from next month (take that, former Gooseberry Hill-dwelling Flangemaster!), and Ms Hardy said there had been recent approvals for the old Toyota site, Barber Street, and Kalamunda Road (put THAT in yer beret and yarnbomb it, Mr McDonald! Good DAY, sir). I for one look forward to Mr Kelly’s spread on the tears at the Haynes Street Larder. kalaexpose

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Which is sadder. The paint job, or the hoodie clad type doing it? Remember it’s taken a year to go from concrete grey, to vomity orange yellow, back to grey again and now to this.




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