Outrage Sunday 212 long todge

I’d never seen a penis set savagely on fire – and I still haven’t. Wouldn’t doing it savagely involve a flamethrower? Couldn’t Teh West have changed the headline when they got the story? IMG_1341
Imagine the conflagration if a long todge was set ablaze? It would be like the Great Fire of London. longtodge
Marvel at the Great Balcony of Subiaco: IMG_1191
Enjoy your day of rest: I’m off to read my snail mail. IMG_1296

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Too Soon

Why pull down your Christmas tree now? When Xmas is only days away? It’s almost fucking September! You’ve put in the time investment. Weak as piss to pull out now. By Pete F. Claremont. In Cocos.


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Wow, from Marseilles yesterday to Kardinya today. Love this from Reign of Error.  


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People of the sand

Alasdair goes direct from Mandurah to Marseilles. That sort of shock could crack your soul. But there is a kind of Perth look. The blue sky not quite as relentless, and no cocii. But it’s there.  


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Some Regrets

I can see several contra-indications to his no regrets assertion. The pants. The braces. The hat. The bracelet. The price point. Fords. That he couldn’t get Wally Foreman and was stuck with Ian Brayshaw.

I believe the photo caption was, ” Tiny! No. Wait, Tiny. We’re in the middle of a…Oh Tiny no! Oh Tiny no…” By Ljuke.

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Dalkeith Thong Rapture

Well Dalkeithers aren’t going to be left behind are they? By Pete F.

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Outrage Sunday 211 elegy for Jamie Oliver

Carried through many nations and over Gage Roads
You arrived, bruvva, to be squashed in Shenton Park
So I present you with a herby tribute of death
And speak in vain to your pasta dishes
Your fortune has carried you, yourself, on a plank
Alas, poor bruvva, your pans are non-stick
Now in the ministry, nevertheless, these things which in the custom kitchen of ancestors
Are pan-fried tribute to no more bites
Receive, organic sauce dripping, leaves from sweeping
And forever, bruvva, hale and pukka.
(With apologies for any inconvienience to Catallus).

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