My policy on…potty mouths? Fitzroy. or alternatively, “Ahh, that’s where I left it.”

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Free the bears!

Not quilty!


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G’Day Bollards

Melbourne seems to still be stuck in previbrancy. Geelong anyway. 

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They take their historic areas seriously in Melbourne. Just as ineffectually as we do – you should see the setback rorting – but more seriously. The Williamstown be-trail is a great case in point. Let the plastic containers wash up. 

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Melbourne style. With unusual bonus boozie. 

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I’m not really sure. I think it’s a maritime Dirty Dicks. Williamstown Victoria. 

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Outrage Sunday 197 hello my name is

TWOP is world-famous for its pitiless panoramas. One of the best is the cheerful bloke getting out of his ute in – where was it? Hacking? Topping? I can’t find it. Here’s a familiar place from that fern-burning Juliet balcony private dancer Bento. “Relentless blue sky, cocos, Beaufort Street, PoVi paving, and some ill-considered advertising. The ‘haircut and handjob’ district. Perhaps the shittiest collection of shops – bridal, pawnbroker, gym, and Blockbuster (?!).”
What do bats and Christ the Redeemer have in common? Claremont.
Keep on trucking!

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