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I can’t help feeling that this boozie bin has appeared before. But I can’t be bothered searching my own archives. If so, I like the restraint in not going C&B or flange. A haunted boozie skip. 

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Tim’s ShortS Story

Phwoar, me own bum bags. Might wear em to the Booker. He pulled them up and the fish seemed to dart and ripple around the twin coral bommies of his thighs. “All me fish. Herring, the shitfish,  those little dunnies of the sea. He had first used them in Cloud Street, (or was it Open Swimmer?). The salmon he had written about in well all of them really, especially after the old man shot through. Phwoar, the Tailor. Definitely used one in Breath. No wait, Dirt Music. Bet Coetzee didn’t have custom shorts. 

No blowies though. Not even a norwester, like they’d see on those hot mornings when the easterly was still blowing the tops off the chop and sand into your crack and dad would say careful,  they’ll chop your big toe off if you let ‘em! And the blowies buck teeth would remind him of Becky before the braces went in. Smile like a mountain goat, smelling of musk sticks and chicos…ahh. Her breasts then like mini quiches under the grey woollen jumper and even the hard suspension of the old Hino bus could get much of a bounce out of them. Back then. Back then.

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So this is second hand Norman sauce? Hasn’t been sold for at least a decade. Does this type of thing really go up in value over time?  And are the alpacas on stage every hour throwing a leg over and spitting at the audience? Is it the same for llamas? I note that Stu has left post vibrant Perth for the degenerate, nay cunctatious but oddly previbrant East. I know Daylesford is famously full of cunts, but this sems a little outré even for there.

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Outrage Sunday 190 Easter feature II

I have a soft spot for Easter (despite the anti-Semitism), as it’s when I got my TWOP start: good times. Last year I ranted about this disturbing product: this year it’s something to do with a Pommy dessert. Nothing much changes.

IMG_0397Is Zayn the mug, or Harry et al? Is Tod Johnston a chance to join?

IMG_0398Will #VII have Stormtroopers with bunny ears? Anything is possible in these uncertain times.

IMG_0396Surprise! Your egg has already been unwrapped!

IMG_0510Bah humbug! I bet people boycott eggs and buy dream catchers instead. “Catch a falling star, and put it in your pocket: never let it fade awaaaaaaaaaaaay…”






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Kennedy Revived

Straight after seeing this report here Lisa She-Ra Scaffidi Princess of Power was onto the Kings Park board over the derelict Kennedy Fountain. Who kind of said it was her fault. Anyway, a new lick of paint and a bit of weeding and voila! Well it still doesn’t have any water but…was nice to see Park workers shredding palm fronds. Probably mumbling about smartarses making extra work for them. 

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Dave P documents Mark (the slightly damp Teatowel) McGowan’s transport policy at work in his electorate of Rockingham. If it can work in Rocky, why not Inglewood?  I’m convinced. I’ve heard it said that 90% of Rockingham cars have been on fire in the last 12 months. Who said it, I can’t remember. 

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So he only plays stuff from The one Miley Cyrus album?  Or just songs that…bangz? In any case someone’s going to be disappointed. PS. Sofa. Excellent work from NF#1. (N) IGA Mt Lawley. (Or Inglewood). 

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