BSWAM, took in a town wide garage sale just for us. Tivoli, New York.
BSWAM says,
Greetings! The quaint village of Tivoli, NY, pictured here on the banks of the upper mid-Hudson, has an annual town-wide garage sale every year.

Here we see a happy cross-section of the locals perusing one of the garage sales.

This is not a garage sale.

Many are the treasures you will find at Tivoli’s town-wide garage sale. For example, Santa and some rather shrill-looking helpers.

I think my favorite is the mother and child painting, although all three of these are brilliant.


Or a set of complete dishes minus some broken ones.


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Vale Voldemort

Golden Boy followed the directions to Hogwarts. Went past a “dead cunt” and ended up with little surprise at Mt Henry Tavern TAB. It can happen. True story.





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Unless Rapture

Beautiful multiworst submission from Bill O’Slatter. The pencil pines, the Cocoses,the savage blue sky, the brick and tile, the Morleyness – and is that a Queensland Box hiding back there? You’d be positively satanic to refuse that plea to play badminton. Jesus loved and died for you, and you can’t be bothered turning up on a Tuesday night for badi?



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Winning at Fremantling

Yes, a bamboo and walnut bike. By Pete F. You wouldn’t see this in cockroach cunt territory surely, though only a few hundred metres away. Registered for SoFro use only I would guess.



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I did have the feeling that Perth graffiti had matured. Has there not been just a few less C&Bs out there? I don’t mean 3d versions. However this pic by Prince Angar of Avacal aka Ninefingers took me back over half a decade where tagging cocos palm fronds was cutting edge. Found by a school staff member. Whether on the tree, wasn’t stated. The education hub’s name has been suppressed to protect their Naplan rating. This is taking the anti chaplain campaign to a frightening new level.

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Outrage Sunday 157 Boxer Troy Gomes

Again with the Premier Buswell, this time from Aunty via Dave P. buswellpremierHard-hitting news about a Myer model’s efforts towards a Gaza cease-fire, and a boxer’s promise that no child will be without a Tim Winton paperback to read at lunchtime: The West is on the ball. gomesgreengymIt’s a mad world: enough to make you wash blow and go. washblowgomad

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Tim Tanks

Snuff is spending a few weeks Shaolin training, so we will be without his fabulous links for a few weeks. But in other news, is Tim Tanking? Fresh from Eyrie’s embarrassing loss in the Miles Franklin, check out the missing numbat in the room with the Booker long list!

That’s right. Nothing.

Is Winton played? Has Tim tanked like oozing old septic down the back of old Drop kick Duram’s place? Where their teenage bodies would roister and fossick next to the rusted out Fordson? Has Tim tanked like the drunk tank in the East Perth lockup, outside of which Nugget Norbert blinked back his hangover as the roistering easterly hit him between the metronomic eyes like a nulla nulla thrown by a ghost aborigine?

Maybe he can now fade into obscurity. Like Albany.timtanks

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