Le zig zag

In France, Tullio sees that they are going for less vibrancy. Seriously, if you can’t urinate in “mode zigzag”, then the (Algerian) terrorists have won. Inadvisedly the sign has not been laminated. Tullio claims to have zig zagged it back to le stone age. La Bellend Epoch.zigzag

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Yagan Square’s hips and hoons

Yagan Square isn’t even built but already drunken louts are on the roof of the artist impression. No doubt taunting some anodyne piece of sculpture. And the future hips are apparently going to be wide and strong enough to birth the super large knobheads of Perth’s vibrant future. Bring it.




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little person lost

Well-spotted by Misspent_yoof: “Classic update from The Worst online today. Apparently Serco managed to lose a midget prisoner: ‘Hayward is about 70cm tall, with a slim build and light skin’.” Good work My – but I believe our diminutive friends are known as little people. westmidget

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As tight as a

By Orbea. North Fremantle.


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Outrage Sunday 156 Christ Stopped at UWA

And Jesus spake: “Dudes, the hangings for the court, its pillars and its sockets, and the screen for the PowerPoint, its cords and its pegs and the laver for the service of the tabernacle, for the tent of meeting – it was all in the fucking rider emailed to you yesterday”. And the students were woeful, and lamented “Lord JC, we Googled laver but were none the wiser”. And Jesus was sore angry, and spake, “You are worse than ECU, at least they had decent audio-vis” and he left the Land of U-Dub and walked across the water to the Ur-Raffles. studentsforchrist

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Snuff’s Missing Links 38


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I still taste lame

Andrew J takes us to Bibra Lake, where the lameness of the graffiti takes on the brutal lameness of the built environment.



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