If Radio National can give me a free fruity umbrella in a caption contest, then maybe it is time for cuts. Will be adding “Umbrella Winner” to my CV.rn2rn1

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Space Craptivation

I guess kudos to Bayswater for installing new benches, but are they taking PoVi too far? The vista of pre envibracy run down shops, or the exterior of the Baysie bottle shop are indeed post vibrant, but why? Who would sit there? Brings to mind this Pete F masterpiece from 2011.



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Rolf’s Revenge

By Big P. Who was actually looking for his Supertramp songbook when he found this.super

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Outrage Sunday 164 rage

People often ask me how I am able to keep up the rage: “David, how do you keep the rage flag flying 24/7?”, they ask. I know where to get it – and I don’t pay retail. rage saleSometimes I don’t have to pay for it: just gazing at this sunny scene, and witnessing how hardy weeds can take over a carpark, tops up my rage. carpark“Paging Dr Rage!” I even have a special surgical rage cap. Nurse, the screens… dr rage

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Snuff’s Missing Links 42

Everyone needs a hobby.

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Envibrancing Backsliding?

We move further towards post vibrancy, (ie from a position where we didn’t know what vibrancy was, but we knew we didn’t have it, to post vibrancy where we dont know what it is, but suspect we might now have it). Now we are are post vibrant, why even put any content in the posters apart from the brick ground? But it seems we could still backslide into a vibrant mode or some previbrant aspect with an old buffer on a couch with a clarinet. Flux motherfuckers, flux.



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PoVi gathers pace

Rather like a Robert Hughes calling the end of Modernism, let it be noted that Perth’s move into PostVibrancy was first noted here. (It seems only last month, everybody was still envibrancing everything) . PoVi as recorded by Herb in Newcastle Street.

And as vibrancy passes NF#1 notes The “sound of crickets”.


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