Welcome to Loser Town Loser. 

Still laughing at Reign of Error’s Bibra Lake expose. What total loser would live in the Cock-Burn enclave of Bibra Lake.  Particularly on the corner of Renewable and Solar. Or Sustainable and Aspration! Way to reduce property prices! Is this for when the Cockburn Thunder move in? Pranked!


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A switched on Pingelly is not the Pingelly I have experienced.  But putting up the poster in Adelaide Terrace maybe people will believe it?

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With a Rebles Yell

By Reign of Error. Fremantle.  


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You’re all to blame

Note: If anyone is crossing the “Cultural Centre” could they get a shot of the strips of “artworks” that have been painted on the pavers sort of near the “library”. Won’t be able to get there and need a picture.

Natalia Fan #1 notes the delightful passive aggressive sign on William. Mr Giorgi has been guilty of other dumbarses signs as far back as 2008. So remove it. See if I care.  As long as it’s not without notice. 

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Or has it?

Treated with contempt by termites maybe. I love these. Aspirational signing in Mandurah. The termites are behind you. By Alasdair.pole

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Outrage Sunday 207 East Vic Park

Warning: no parking

Next to the green bin at the 

Oriental Mart.



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the other big bang theory

Where to start? I’m disappointed Shazza didn’t send this ad last week from the Chook (props A. Smith & P. Thomson) to TWOP. I’m surprised Abs Conder hasn’t napalmed Teh Voice (which he once described as a “pool of poofterism”). I’m dismayed the Aids people ignore dogging. At least MLC Phil Edman has done something. voice3 voice2 voice1

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