The Turning

Freo’s Krazy Tees gone? Say it not so! How will we discern the six different types of farts from info on another’s shirt??? Will Ugg boot emporiums be next. Can the bankrupt and empty shops also close? Is this the change for Freo? Tapas and Cuban restaurants to move in? Or just more ennui and depression. By Pete F.  


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Outrage Sunday 217 no dice

No wonder I’m a tempranillo man. No-one’s going to drink your chardonnay if you can’t get the dice right. IMG_1509
Now you’re going to have to have No Junk Mail stickers on your car! Why oh why hasn’t the state government legislated for registered vehicles, like verges? IMG_1482
Those were the days! What were YOU doing 17 years ago? I hear The Sunday Times was making $500,000 per issue. It’s not as much now. Ah, the romance of going into Northbridge and getting the paper to get a head-start on the classifieds. Good times. IMG_1501
I found these bathetic, poignant, Wintonesque. Some of our younger readers may not know what they are. HINT: They are not the Shoes of the Fishermen. IMG_1503

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Malays Wanted

Lovely tarp work from Dan of Maylands. I think it’s Malays Cricket Club.  


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It’s Inevitable. 

I don’t care who you are. Eventually your thoughts will turn to C&B. Cottesloe. I guess she worked in the meat and two veg section? 

UPDATE: Vanished Worst as at 10am – is that a record?


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The Overstayers

Is it possible that this…item…can be removed from my workplace now?Please. Today yes? It was fairly ill advised in the first place. 


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I like horses that laugh in the face of artistic rendering. Lovely. Northbridge.horses

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Sassy must be pretty well fixed too if he/she can just treat smoking implements as disposable items. Come on Sassy, upcycle you mad cunt! By Bento, Bayswater.sassy

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