Maylands Monday morning merriment

A short photo essay by Chris of Maylands.



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Two art critiquing pieces this week. One by Dave P. Good ideas indeed. The offending piece (in the museum) was apparently this.

And Alasdair sees the self congratulating sign for The Art Gallery of WA has gone very post-vibrant, although ironically Perth architecture itself is decidedly pre post-vibrant, still stuck well and truly in Shedism.artgall

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I pity the Dominos promo

By Pete F, Dalkeith.


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alleged small distillery

I think it is time for our first police post. I love these pictures from Camillo: the vibrancy! Is that…dog food in the final pic? Police Media says: “Officers from the Camillo Policing Team (Armadale Police Station) today executed a search warrant at an residence in Groveland Drive in Camillo.

“As a result of information received from the community, a Liquor Control Act Search Warrant was executed at the address where a 63 year old man had allegedly converted the majority of his premises into a distillery.  It will be further alleged he was manufacturing Whisky, Bourbon, Vodka, Midori, Jägermeister and Rum.  At the time of executing the warrant, the distillery was active and a process was under way.

“The man will be summonsed for various Liquor Act Offences, including the sale and supply of liquor and its manufacture (these charges are yet to be determined).

“Inquiries are still being undertaken in relation to any Federal offences that may have also been contravened.” distilary3distilary4distillary2

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Dead Kennedy

Did Lisa She-Ra Scaffidi get control over Kings Park? Or did it die in the arse with Bong Banning Barnett’s boundary bungling? If she has it, perhaps she can turn her attention to Governor Kennedy’s Fountain. I seem to remember that crackpots used to extol the vibrancy of its water, filing filthy plastic containers with its life draining goodness. Now. Not. By James P N.image image image image image image

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In the pink

Business news and financial reports on pink newsprint? What a great idea! Charlotte loved today’s West: her only complaint the organ was too small at 60 pages.


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Green Speed Cameras

There’s talk of tripling the number of speed cameras in Perth. Reign of Error noticed this one that had gone native. And then got fined by the police for taking the photo of it! Kudos ROE. Kardinya.



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