The most pathetic, and somewhat disturbing palm in Western Australia. But I can’t stop looking. Is it getting hot in here? Rottnest. 

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Karma Chakra

Did youse know that the Rottnest Lodge is now The Chakra Lodge? I’m not joking. You can get a Root or Sacra Chakra cocktail. Again, this is not a joke. I believe both of these Chakras are located in the “upper, upper thigh regions”. ie bits & back door. And I’m not sure whether you’d really want the “karma” you might get from a building that still hasn’t been brought to terms with its role as a location for torturing and murdering Aboriginal men. Who would want such odious and distressing karma? Very very ill judged. Also Ill judged is their plastic martini glasses. You get karma from a plastic cocktail glass and it will fuck you right up. Is it possible the whole thing is a pisstake? Plastic cocktail glass Karma in aboriginal murdering building? Just wow!


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Outrage Sunday 218 the Monumental Cemetery of Mosman Park

(“The memory of the old city, before the recent town plannings, was in the heart of his matters”.)

Prayers for the dead – is this where we drank cheap Kola Beer?

I only know I feel deep blue

That the laundromat has shot through

Into the future I strain to peer.  

     With apologies for any inconviences to Giovanni Raboni.

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So Close

Just in case I am unable to post from Rottnest, Dave P. shows that as soon as Krazy Tees closes, a new showering and shoe wearing class moves into Fremantle. Things are changing already!soclose

Although as Pete F. Shows, anarchy may still bite their freshly laundered arses. Have we had this before? Perhaps the same sentiment on another structure.eatthe

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The Outrage Denunciation

Well if only 380 (at time of writing) want Outrage Cohen out of journalism, then he is not doing his job! And therefore should be out of journalism. Surely we can get this above 10,000, where he could be proud to have done his job – of quilting the quilty. On another subject entirely, is there anything lamer and lazier than an online petition? Who would ever take notice of such a limp protest? This is only one step more effective than complaining to the press council! In any case, vote now. I’m sure we have all seen worse crimes than the petitioners have.

Vote now. Join the conversation.


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Good Will Hunting

I love this. Why can’t all small businesses sack their Madison Avenue advertisers and simply call Will? I hope that’s a pie bag. If Will wants to make a small promotion of his electrical skills and allow me to display his mobile number, I’d be happy to start spreading the news. BSWAM must be despairing. By Pete F. The location is undisclosed, but wherever it is, if you can wire there, you can wire anywhere.will

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Free beer tomorrow, elephant gods today. Eighth Avenue Maylands is still shitting all over Rockeby Rd Subiaco. What will they come up with next? Free parking?

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