The future of nostalgia

I can imagine expats around the world shedding a tear at the sight of this Perthland ad. Sand, pavers, palms and the relentless blue sky. I’m nostalgic for it myself, and I live here! By JaneZ, who dubs it quintefuckenssential. Marvellous. Not quite not worst. Let’s go with uncategorisable. But still wonderful.


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Outrage Sunday 163 no no

Not this way: Wembley. nonoThis was more inviting, but made me thirsty. unionThirst, hunger: after a long work day, this bloke was tired on his way home. But he held on to his kebab and chips no matter what, and woke up for Maylands.trainkebabThe news isn’t so happy at Perth Truth Seekers (“Taking the red pill since 2006″). There is trolling by interlopers. An inspiring $45 meet-up at the State Library with noted psychic Scott Russell Hill (“has even been involved in murder investigations and made many predictions“) on Friday was marred beforehand by cynical patsies.

“You don’t have to be a Skeptic to know that Snake oil salesman pray on the less educated and those who clutch to some dim witted idea they can talk to dead people and predict the future. And Scott won’t answer to Skeptics because he relies on Gullibility and the unknown.
Theatre seats 210 $417 halve a day Trestle Table (Theatre foyer only) $10 Roving Microphone (Theatre only) $32 Total $459. 210 by 45 = $9450 minus venue $8991. Yer right what’s your take?”

This unhelpful person also stomped around the thread for today’s exciting event: I won’t be able to moderate comments, as I’ll be in Russell Square for the campaign for climate change. The interloper ranted: “Are you insane laser equipment changing the weather? What next Christmas lights are responsible for Northern lights. You don’t agree with the UN but want people to come to a UN sponsored climate change rally in support of it. Or is it that your Green masters require numbers for the media with your green triangles in the back ground. Girl you got some issues.”

But PTS common sense hit back: “research HAARP and DARPA. Understand that there is NO HOLE in the Ozone, never has been and likely never will be. That was my field of work for many years. Human impact is minimal. If you want to be concerned about anything, research the Pacific Gyre ocean rubbish. But always remember that part of Agenda21 is to CREATE an environmental crisis so that they can apply their draconian laws. Remember always: The more we ask for policing and laws, the more we will be policed and prosecuted.”

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Snuff’s Missing Links 41

Popular Problems.

Bacha posh.



A ball of fury.

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Lost dust cover

The tyre and sticker may be connected. Does some kind of anti semitic tale run through it all? Although being Jewish is about more than having your willie or your off roader hacked up. True story. By Pete F. Mt Claremont.


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BSWAM (Bartender’s skills with a Manhatten) sent a wonderful series from Philadelphia. Here’s a couple. A wonderful public artwork celebrating looking up kids’. Apparently they were roped off, so he couldn’t get the traditional closeups.

And one of their celebrated Gentlemen’s clubs.


BSWAM says, “People are still ambivalent about Philadelphia’s terrifying City Hall, one of the world’s largest public buildings and, somehow, evidently the inspiration for Sydney’s Town Hall (how or why this was the case I have no idea). In fact, no sooner was this behemoth finished (around 1902 after a period of over forty years) than a petition was circulated to demolish it. This idea was dropped when it was realized that the thing was so enormous the cost of its demolition would have bankrupted the city. To give you an idea of its scale the statue of William Penn on the top of the tower is 40 ft tall.”20140917-205802.jpg

“Here’s a non-worst, the previous picture was taken from the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum (a building so enormous it’s nearly impossible to photograph the entire thing – this is the central portion). Now considered one of the masterpieces by the architect Julian Abele, one of the US’s first black architects, it was widely criticized at the time of its construction for what was considered an out-of-date style and for the use of colored terra cotta. It is seen here emblazoned with the name of the architect who will be renovating the staircase. So yes. Probably a worst after all.”20140917-204722.jpg


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By #NF1. What’s their attitude to fat chicks?


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Brownsville Vibrant

WGG notes that the Jetstar website hasn’t caught up with how Perth has totally envibranned in the last few years. Orbea has the evidence. True story.



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