Outrage Sunday 182 strong with the Bogan

I choked on my Nikki when I read this, in Chris Taylor’s Star Wars history: “Vader defeats Deak because he is ‘strong with the Bogan’ – Lucas’s initial name for the Dark Side of the Force.” Did George have a stint in teh Pert? I always thought the Mos Eisley cantina was a bit like the Shents.

The Force was strong in this one:


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And Perth?

Erin Kolb from Melbourne loves Morrisey AND Perth? Well that’s quite something. By James N. Galleria Morley.


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Healing hand jobs.

By Orbea. Apparently Dickie and Dame/lady Court were right into this tosh back in the day. I like how Dickie descends into pure blather when questioned on the efficacy of the Japanese hand jobs. And is that a…what, platypus? I would have dismissed it out of hand job if I hadn’t seen this The Asia Beat story.


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Pay your Dues

I have to admit I’m with the Oswals on this one. Could they not retort, “Don’t trespass”, “Don’t vandalise”, “Don’t not learn to spell.”? by Reign of Error, Peppermint Grove. Outrage may have more up to date info, but wasn’t there claims of workmen securing the site ready for a triumphant return of Teh ‘wals?

Oswald Taxes

Oswald Taxes

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BWS. Get your shit together for Australia Day “Barefoot pricks welcome”, “undies but no shirt a prerequisite.” “Shoe wearers fuck off.” On the plus side, Tim Winton won’t be coming in. By Mickey Blue Eyes.


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Silver Sands Visitor

A lovely view of Mandurah by Alasdair. The skip is a little ominous. But let us welcome all this Australia Day. slversands

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Outrage Sunday 181 played out

Apologies for the late start, but KK and I have more or less been living at Fringe since Friday evening negotiating our 2016 act. I can’t say too much, of course, but it will include a headline generator, gaint vibrant C&B sparklers, Espresso Drongo on silent loop, and lamingtons. Working title suggestions recommended. Outrage and I? The Battleship Outrage? Whatevs. I welcome your good foundations.

Skink or Pete F asked about the lack of Straya flags. The trend is for permanency.

Just stay up to avoid getting up. Being played out or played up or played through is so unStrayan and vibrancy-bereft. See you in the Pleasure Garden!


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