You can’t handle the herbal

Simply marvellous demonstration of the Albany commercial rental market by Pete F. 

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Outrage Sunday 194 earth energy pillows

The Curtin blackboards (not far from the Elizabeth Jolley Lecture Theatre) are terrific. The other side had insect fellatio!
This Claremont window I found a bit too hostile. It made me yearn for an Earth Energy Pillow.
What is an Earth Energy Pillow? I’ve had the Perth Truth Seekers’ tip they are the thing to have – see you at the Old Perth Road Markets in Basso from 0900-1330. Maybe they look like this?
Bring your Earth Energy Pillow and join me in Shoalwater on Tuesday, for Sacred Space in Rockingham: “This is a group for people interested in meeting in sacred space in the Rockingham area to explore topics of spirituality, shamanism and meditation. We’re starting with a deep exploration of eight aspects of the wisdom Goddess of the Indian tradition. We’ll do one Goddess every three weeks. We’ll also be conducting shamanic ritual healings aligned with the new moon and full moon. from time to time we will meet to honour the earth, the water and the sacredness of life in all ways.” We’re starting with Durga! Don’t forget a USB so you can load the meditations!

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Bundy shall not weary them

As those of us left behind are wearied… I would like to have shown more of this scene, but…message me privately.bundy

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Let me suspend the avalanche of original content for a moment for Bento’s superb sneering. A knock shop now tapas in Kalgoorlie. Pinxtos a la flange.

And all I’m saying, is that if Joe Hockey can’t resist ISIS’s call, then who can?Thanks Cimbali. I don’t know where it’s from, but do they ever care when they steal my content?

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ANZAC go home

A treasure of Albany. Where Woolworths sponsored ANZACS left from. Complaining about what a craphole it was. Literally couldn’t wait to leave and fuck up foreigners. In their own countries.  ANZAC day can piss off now. We looted Damascus so we could have parity with the Kiwi Copec? I don’t fucking think so.

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Would have been nice outside a vet. Even so. Willagee. Reign of Error. 

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Outrage Sunday 193 The Humanity Avenue

We want the finest humanity known to, er, humanity. We want it here, and we want it now. It is here, in the Perry Lakes development. Imagine calling the ambo from your home. “It’s near the intersection of Equality and Destiny.” Is it your destiny to buy here? Or – the humanity! – can’t you afford it?

If you can’t afford it, why not be in the draw for the Lone Pine, the Quinn’s Post, the Hill 60 and the Krithia? The link doesn’t seem to have the details, but the media release said: “We wanted to do something special to honour the legacy, the sacrifice, tradition and spirit of the ANZACs and the 100 years of service by Australian men and women,” Mr Traini said. “We’re proud that this prize, whether the winner rents the homes for $165,880, sells or lives in them will be a real life change for one Australian.
“The main stand-alone five-bedroom, three-bathroom house with spectacular waterfront views and plunge pool has been named Lone Pine and includes ANZAC artwork and a special edition ANZAC book.
“The other three four-bedroom, three-bathroom open-plan homes also have magnificent water views and have been named after the Gallipoli battlefields of Quinn’s Post, Hill 60 and Krithia.”
All up it’s worth $3.4 million, which probably gets you a shed (assembly not included) on 50 sq m in Perry Lakes. I trust the Lone Pine has wrs, an ubo, and a pty. The photos are lovely.

Excuse I: time for a plunge in my own pool, under our relentless blue sky!

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