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Anyone feel like nominating me? Or Outrage? Or both?

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La Pav

Edward de Bozo notes what appears to be a representation of the yoni to Matthew Pavlich’s Lingham in East Fremantle. Or maybe it’s his sister? In any case it’s going to cost a fortune to relocate it to Cock Burn. I saw driving past that Margaret River may have similar.  Would it have killed you to get an upskirt shot Ed?

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Outrage Sunday 234 shambles 

So much depends 


An orange feature


Glazed with Winnie


Above the white



PS: Perth is a shambles ! 


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Go back to Russia

So, a small bar owner is calling for other small bars to be prevented from opening in his area, because $10 cocktails. Jeezus after fighting restrictive legislation for a decade, the sector is now calling for legislation to prevent people from opening? It’s a perfect storm all right. A perfect storm of fuck off back to the Soviet Union comrade. Un fucking believable. I think this is from the West. I didn’t check. I was in a small bar. 

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Mos Mag Mystery

I’m not exactly sure what’s worst about this Mosman Park Magna, but if Pete F. Sends it in…is it the parking, the bonnet?  What am I looking at here?


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The iconic Ming Dynasty in Morley, the original lion banner for TWOP. Now it has a wonderful neon fail.  From a colleague of Adam G. 

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Visiting Elizabeth Quay

Well I guess I had to go down there. Well it’s not exactly bad, just a bit underwhelming and pointless. After the trees have grown for 30 years, there might be some shade relief to the merciless baking paving. The bridge is ok. But there’s no reason to cross it, or even for it to be there. It’s not a special place to go. The water is already turgid looking. And again, what’s the point of it? Some of the bare grass will be covered, but not by anything you’d actually need or want to go to. Hotel. Mining company hq? What’s it for? So it’s not terrible, just money wasted when something better could have been done. It’s not the special place, which we were promised. The only thing that I could find that youse would like is a royally crappy figurative bronze. Has Perth still not grown out of this shite?No plaque as to who it is. Or who it is by. 

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