Upskirt and No-Standing -
A Perthonality

Mother in law tongues
writhing like a prostitute’s

Up Tiger Woods’ back door.

Pete F attempts some paparazzi blowback.upskirt

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Santa never made it into Bedford

I guess Santa isnt connected to religion any more than Spider-Man. Although he was a kind of Saint. I guess. By Claude Mono.



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Terror of the Swan

I can’t believe we haven’t had these before. But even if we have, the giant swan at least should be seen again. By GT.hv1 hv2 hv3 hv4

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Outrage Sunday 172 exit

This way
For the stylish
Relentless evening,
The precisionist vibrancy,
Sign here. exit

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Snuff’s Missing Links 50

50 saturdays of Snuff. Should be a novel.

You seen my goat ?

Xmas is coming.

A disruption mechanism

The internet is over. Go home.

Keith the Anger Management Koala.

Night of the Gingko. Yes, that Oliver Sacks.

A woman studying at Starbucks.

I’ve fallen and there’s a tentacle in my butt. Again. (Snuff’s Missing Links 44 ~ I’ve fallen and there’s a tentacle in my butt)

Light motif.

I want to display it in my room and stare at it.

Eight bathrooms.

The deer hunter.

Sorted for E’s and Wizz.

Start spreadin’, the news.

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So, what am I looking at here?

Is it…architecture? By Alasdair. Augusta. Home of the Hepcat. Possibly literally. I raise my cup to whatever these are.


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The other type of graveyard

Nangs plus burnouts = Small bulb bars are on their way. Nice to see we are moving post vibrancy style from bong graveyards to nang graveyards. If only this was Nang-Gara and not North Cock-Burn. By Dave P. nang

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