Outrage Sunday 144 Easter feature

Times are tough if JC is the drinks waiter. Guildford. easterrefreshThis Alien Easter egg freaked me out. Does a bilby burst out of that? Midland Woolworths. eastereggJust what I’ve always wanted: a “faux moss bunny”. But remember, TWOPers: Easter is about more than the bunny and the eggs. It must be. easterbunny

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Snuff’s Missing Links 25

Explore the magnificent Miller House in Columbus, Indiana, presented here in the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s excellent video and website.

And here’s a collection of Alexander Girard’s interior design.

Fluffy dice.

Eat your words.

Van. Car. Truck. Fence. Hole.

No tyre kickers.

Wine, or flowers ?

Jaguar – sleek and smart. For men who would like handjobs from beautiful women they hardly know.

Lens Blur.

Pigs and Papa.


Dallas Swonger.


Because because.


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International Relations

What better way to celebrate goodwill to all men as Jesus goes down? If the Ukranians and Russians could only “curry & stubby” it would be the end of conflict. Although you won’t be able to buy a stubby, or even a Curry in this blighted shopping day. They used to show King if Kings on the telly on Good Friday. I’m hoping for The Longest Day. Or at the very least Mosquito Squadron.


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Mongoloid Esquire

A Fremantle denizen appears to have made a pilgrimage to Garden City. They may also have recently given up smoking. Or coffee. Or Quinoa. By Shazza.



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Form and function

And for every step forward the city takes, some verges are still rooted in the past, unable to shake of their registering ways. Nice bonus dead tree too. By JaneZ.


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Year Zero

Daniel B takes us back to a simpler time, before vibrancy, when Michael Jordan could still sell colons. I don’t remember Rumba Bar. I found a dead link which claimed that wet pussies were only $6 and mojitos $8. This can’t be that long ago, but it was beyond year zero. Back when we were dullsville. Or was that Dawesville? Is there still a Bar Rumba? Surely it and it’s $6 wet pussies have been swallowed by a thousand new hip hop and Dubstep bars, each smaller and more vibrant than the last? And this Perth City Accord. It’s not an advertisement for tapas. It’s an “accord” between police and piss purveyors to you know, cool it. This would be late 90s maybe?


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Teh West’s Inside Cover was salient and supportive today. The paper of record’s columnist was nice about students at ECU Daily and said they needed just one more thing to be “real players” (as opposed to false ones): an interview with Geoffrey ‘Biggles’ Thomas. Hear hear: as this March 10 report from Mr Thomas shows, he was on the money from the get-go when it came to the demise of MH370. “It might take investigators years to work out what caused the crash”, Mr Thomas concluded – but he knew. malaysia1malaysia2

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