McGowan Finished

I’m calling it here. It’s all over for Mark The Slightly Damp Teatowel McGowan. Alannah is coming back to hang him gently on the dish rack. Her lukewarm support for Teh Towel all but confirms it. “Mark McGowan is a very healthy young man and I have every expectation his health will hold out until the election.”

His health. Ouch.

It’s over. His inability to make any headway against a bumbling government and a total nincompoop of a Premier makes it a surprise he’s lasted this long. FFS he lost ground at the last election. And he’s still mumbling.

At least he’s got his health I guess.

Mr McGowan


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Liquid food blogger enrages Sing. Chef

The Asia Beat returns

The Asia Beat

“Mushy Mushy”, the Asian food blogger, (real name Kimberly Li) has infuriated top Singapore chef Johnny Cho.

Li, who through a medical condition can only eat food in liquid form, travels with a blender, reducing meals to a paste or slurry, which she eats, then reviews on her popular blog.

Li described the liquefied version of Cho’s Shrimp Mince, Orange and Tomato Tart as “Like a stale prawn cracker milkshake.”

Cho immediately jumped online questioning Li’s ability to judge food – particularly multi textured dishes. “It’s completely outrageous. You can’t judge a dish like this. She’s an idiot. I tried to have her banned before. I thought I had stopped it all when I wouldn’t let her plug in her blender, but somehow she had a battery powered one made up with the motor from a leaf blower.” Cho’s first attack on Li was quickly removed, as the Chef had…

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Sans Lions

Pete F documents that gatepost lions are no more in Cottesloe. Sad. Poignant but sad.   


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San Quentin Quail

OK, we are back, with a devastating post from Pete F. C&B artists, public art artists and even piss artists are no longer safe. It was suggested that I run a crowdfunding campaign to demonstrate the pitiable tightarseness of TWOP readers. But enough shaming.

These “quails” are actually on S Quentin avenue. How good is that!? No? Look it up. quail

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Brief respite

We have unfortunately reached the maximum amount of picture uploads on this site after 8 plus years. There will be an enforced holiday for a few days while I work it out. I may even have to pay good money to entertain youse pigs. :( You can still comment. We are, by the way nearly at 100,000 non spam comments .  Meanwhile, you can still be entertained. Word is, the SDTT – The slightly damp tea towel Mark McGowan finally may get the limp offhand execution that this site has called for for years. 

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Baysie Arts Supremos

Anyone feel like nominating me? Or Outrage? Or both?

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La Pav

Edward de Bozo notes what appears to be a representation of the yoni to Matthew Pavlich’s Lingham in East Fremantle. Or maybe it’s his sister? In any case it’s going to cost a fortune to relocate it to Cock Burn. I saw driving past that Margaret River may have similar.  Would it have killed you to get an upskirt shot Ed?

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