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Backside by The Sea

This would have been classic The Worst of Perth back in the day. City Beach. Had to post it even in retirement. I was laughing too much to even check the artist. Nice that Perth public sculpture can still deliver.

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Grease Trap

Had a look at the recent City Beach development, and I was blown away by the kerning on the grease trap signage. Absolutely magnificent! Can there be a better and more picturesquely positioned grease trap? Right on the beach? Can … Continue reading

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City Beach Shedism?

I have an ominous feeling about my favourite beach City Beach. I hope Shedism isn’t coming to spoil this lovely spot. I haven’t looked for the artist impression in case there is corrugated iron, or worse, mini orb in play. … Continue reading

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Even if you spell it right, it’s above Darch. It’s for sale.

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City Beach Fish

I loved this City Beach house with the forlorn amateur fish graphic. Beachfront house, waiting to be knocked down so that wankers can rebuild there. And staying with beachside living, Teh Cookster continues his photo essay on the highlights of … Continue reading

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