Shedism Classic

Baffling piece of Shedism in front of Royal Perth hospital. There’s even a shedist covered walkway. 

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Inflatable World

Where Bento finds that you can Frain, but having done so, cannot Re Frain. Frain once and move on losers. 

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Patterson’s Curse 

A warning to shoppers by Tullio. Location unspecified. 

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Teatowel McGowan off the radar

Having the car washed this morning, and read a copy of the West for free. Haven’t really looked at it for a while. How embarrassingly insubstantial it has become. But, more importantly, only days away from the state election how is it possible that Mark The Slightly Damp Teatowel McGowan barely gets a mention in the pamphlet? He gets one line in the editorial, and an excruciatingly bad cartoon. Somehow they have managed to get a cartoonist even worse than Alston (who also doesn’t know the difference between Kahunas and Cojones), but even so, where is the fucking Teatowel in the news? Does he not have a media advisor? Despite all the incompetences of the Barnett government, The Towel is a real chance of losing the election! Alannah got more coverage today than TSDTT. Numbskulls like Gary Gray and Dennis Jensen got more coverage today. When is the damp squib going to start his campaign?mcg

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There’s an odd feel to the Bayswater Hotel. This is in the ritzy side. Why would you prepare, print laminate and blutac this? And what do you get for the extra 4 bucks with option five compared to option one?  And what if a husband calls for a wife? Can you even call a bar? Even the Baysie can’t have a rotary dial still?

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Outrage Sunday 276 I rhyme and I vote

How about that Matt Buckels elegy to the dead Hyde Park dugong! We will never see it, as Buckels has pulled out of the race to be chief beret-wearer at Vincent. It seemed Buckels assumed he’d be able to feed the kids, take out the recycling, wash the pillow slips, AND change the light bulbs of 31,000 ratepayers. Sad news. I can’t see Emma Cole churning out the tanka on Vincent’s Built Form policy. This year’s council elections aren’t about who you’d like to have a drink with – they’re about who can put the best words in the best order. Beware anyone thinking of trying to fill Buckels’ shoes, because Sally Palmer in Bayswater sets high standards. When Goat Skull Palmer shares her work, others are moved to rhyme too. A chichen in the pot of every commended haiku writer? I look forward to hearing that announced at the Perth Poetry Club by candidates. screen-shot-2017-01-07-at-6-18-40-amimg_1553

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A kind of brutal shabbiness

Dropped in on Scarborough to check on its interminable beach upgrade. I’m glad they have managed to keep the coherent brutal shabbiness that the local Scabwegians and visitors love so much. Even while “upgrading”. I hope this doesn’t push up the price of homebake heroin. They’ve also completely unpredictably gone with a safe and ultra boring (Tony Jones?) bronze. Don’t worry, even after the upgrade, I’m sure it will still be just as unpleasant to visit as always.scab

And is it really the beach that was the problem? The whole suburb, every street, every shop, every building is awful. Here’s the Indy Bar (thanks Cimbali). This is the front of the place. Lattice, bins and potholes. Adding in a bronze or a limestone wall isn’t addressing the problem. It’s like Bayswater going on about sinking the railway and walkability. Catchwords and getting consultants in isn’t going to help if your suburb is an essential craphole. Which Scarborough is. Which Bayswater is. which Kalamunda is.


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