Grab ya Jonathans

Like, mate, wow! TLA asked me to step in for today. I was going to post some public art, or another recently deceased person, or a verge mattress. But Bento sent this from Donnybrook (“obviously”). Phwooaaar! Maybe Shazza will show us her Pink Lady!!?? Way-hay!! How do you like THEM apples! Good morning! IMG_9627

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B Cup

More baffling wheatbelt boozie. Quairiding. 

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Double Boozies

Nice tractor tracks menacing a baffling double boozie tableau at Shackleton in the wheatbelt. 

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Outrage Sunday 252 Barrack Street

As I walked busily down Barrack Street
Talking on my phone, vital things to do
Thinking of what to say and who to meet
I noticed a man who’s legs were askew.

People surged, looked away, and stepped around
Four blokes were pushing and shoving, swearing
No-one was fussed by this man on the ground
His jeans were down; there was only staring.

I couldn’t feel a pulse, his skin was cold
I called an ambo and hoped for the best
Others joined in and started being bold
Then a paramedic looked at his chest.

He was bundled up and taken away
I could resume with my important day.IMG_4163

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It’s a New Dawn

Mt Lawley. Go tell it on the mountain. 

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You might have to be more specific. There’s a lot of that element in 6110. Gosnells, obviously. 

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gentlemen please

There’s much to admire in this Crawley toilet scene. Politeness, and a please and a thank you never go astray. But of course the pernickety looser in me wondered why we have to flush while in mid-stream. And lamination never goes out of style. IMG_3997IMG_3996

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