Bicentennial Bidet

Lovely offering from Pete F in Brookton. Another capture only likely to be recorded here.  Equally generous gift from Mould fuels and Caltex can I say? Again with the outdoor bidets? This one totally regional. I didn’t know that public backdoor washing was even a thing in 1988 in Brookton. Or subsequently. From the footage I’ve seen. Looks like cold water only though. Are we animals?.

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Grease Trap

Had a look at the recent City Beach development, and I was blown away by the kerning on the grease trap signage. Absolutely magnificent! Can there be a better and more picturesquely positioned grease trap? Right on the beach? Can the Costa Smerelda have a better sited grease trap sign? With a better kerned space between R and A? No way. Oh the buildings? There’s one nice angle on the surf club, (as shown), but the rest is bog standard Perth Shedism. Particularly the restaurant blocks. And the multitude of laser cut surfboards are an embarrassing and unnecessary mistake. 

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Outrage Sunday 256 The Road Home

One of my Bassendean associates, Mad Maddo, sent this frightening pic. She had her drone up, looking for illegal lime trees. She found a dinosaur that shat itself to death. Big poos, big story: I’m surprised it hasn’t been on teh Toady. Some of us are worried about sharks growing legs, or the Sondonesians invading. I’m now fretting about defecating diplodocii. 13912450_10208417411247114_7445349374877950354_n
I’m batching it this weekend! Krazy Kym drove down to Denmark with her mother. It might be kinda like Thelma & Louise, except they’re in a RAV4. Was one of Thelma’s many crimes stealing a sanitary disposal unit? IMG_0697
Good thing KK left the hounds at home: there’s a strong anti-dog poo vibe from Williams on. They welcome barking gnomes with open arms, though.IMG_0695IMG_0842IMG_0843
I’m good, thanks for asking. Working, actually. Chipping away at my bildungsroman about a Shenton College boy who has a part-time job as a carpet shampooer, until he realises his tears are scented with lemon…IMG_4310

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Chrome Dioxide

I’m sad to say that yes, cassettes are back. Can we not skip straight to the 8 track?  Northbridge. 

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Lillee Marsh Lies

The what doesn’t what now?  Doesn’t this go against everything that Lilllee Marsh stood for? Sinking piss and sporting? Lies. 

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Sherry blossom falling 

Went to a UWA event last night. There was sherry but no mini quiches. True story. Dry, sure, but I thought even ECU graduates might draw the line at sweet sherry. Apparently not. 

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Cocos Practicus

Cimbali saw the first ever practical use of a Cocos. As a bench in PICA. Or was it art? Like lying on a box of bees? Still unclear. 

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