Bad in the dark

Beautiful, beautiful  worst by Pete F. Somewhere in the dark on a lonely highway to Gerro. Royalties for Rurotards money going to waste in a deserted spot. Still identified as “Bad As” by local critics, just in from some frenzied crime of their own against the innocents. 

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Desert Flower 

Beautiful piece of lawn registration. When you need to make it clear to the neighbors that you haven’t simply dumped garbage on your own verge. Embleton. 

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ECU Sex Robot 

Was at Edith Cowan Joondalup the other day and whoa, kudos! Engineering students seem to have developed a sex robot. I think you would need a student card for the vibration package :(  :(  but even so. Even so. 

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Outrage Sunday 265 fack you

What do you need when you’re living in an “excitement pocket” in Subi (apart from a levitating pool girl?? Your in-house gardener, never without a glass of upside-down cab sav. At least there are no bulging foreheads. img_4765
Ah, Subi. The vibrancy is in the plumbing. img_4670
Snuff Parrot and I were entranced with this 7 News Facetube promo. How can a teenager afford to buy a house, even if it’s in Darch? And has he really crashed it? I don’t think that’s going to qualify for the ECU study.darchbuyer
Behold: the Winged Samothrace of Vibrancy. img_4685
Fack you, you’re welcome.img_4608

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Albany understatement. Boat. Nice. 

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Comrade Hilton

US election latest: socialist Paris Hilton won’t confirm she was working on a sex tape to boost the chances of Bernie ‘Feel the Bern’ Sanders before he pulled out of the race to the White House. Thanks Comrade Bento for this gem from Teh Grauniad.img_0587

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Wormhole Tasmania?

Remember Alex & Jenny’s terrifying Tasmanian Bathos? Well Jane Z bought this in a Tasmanian opshop twenty years ago? I’m wondering if it’s the purchasers not the sister marrying island that is actually the problem here?

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