Tinned Heat

MOJITO IN A CAN!!!! This outrage is from Japan. Where do you even put your muddler????? And it’s fucking Bacardi. Would Mt Gay conflict with Mt Fuji Japan? Well would it?

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Baking it

The gents in Bakers Hill. Possibly disturbing. Unless it’s a quote. From someone from Katanning. By Chris D.  

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Cover your cleansed doodle

Telstra building Stirlng Street Highgate. By MM. MM I know you have a bong de plume but I forgot it. 

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The Creeping Terror

Yarn bombing now Rottnest? Gage Roads is the only thing stopping Stormie Mills’ Sigma station wagon getting over here to paint an excruciating hipster quokka. But it won’t be long before there is a fairy quokka with wood nymphs dancing out of its arse on the side of the general store anyway. 

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Outrage Sunday 261 Rotto bikes

so much depends 


a red skip


after a bike


on the white 


with apoligies for any inconveienence to william carlos williams 

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The two sides of journalism

The Lazy Aussie and Outrage Cohen both found themselves – inadvertently – on Rottnest at the same time. Both had stocked up on journalistic ethics at the same store. 

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Wipe on wipe off

This is more like wipe it on the curtains sex appeal. Civic Hotel. Oh, and Civic, kudos to your ever reeking dunny. That you manage this with auto flush urinal is amazing. By the way, on the subject of wiping, Tim has a new book out, The Boy Who Wiped it on The Curtains. It’s actually The Boy Behind The Curtain, but what would he be doing back there if not wiping it? What? What would he be doing?

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