As we’re saying cheerio, this faint praising plonked rock cocos growing relentless sky post from Bento should set it up. 

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The East shall rise again

Been trying to get this pro slavery apartment in East Perth for a while. Is this what we’re doing now?

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Dumb of a kind

Excruciatingly bad Matthew Priddis doorstop. Perfect recreation including his midfield speed. By Hutch. York. 

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A photo that is the essence of what the worst of perth has been. Wonderful. Swan Yacht club. By Reign of Error. 

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Outrage Sunday 312 fresh milk

I tried to buy this milk,
Put it in my trolley.
Took it to the checkout:
Supreme act of folly.

Security was called,
The manager white-faced.
I said I’d pay full price
And avoid making waste.

She wrestled it from me,
Eyes dull with opiates:
“Listen to me, you cunt:
“It’s not appropriate.”

I said: “So much depends
“On the white milk selling
“To avoid the red ink.
“Here endeth the lesson.

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JaneZ shares some lovely – although baffling merchandise from my place of work. (keep that in mind if you don’t want xxxxxs as comments). I would like to have one of those.
Thank you for all your great submissions JaneZ. Xxxxx.


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More last worsts from the global surrounds

A few more from BSWAM waving goodbye.
Fancy Fence
What can I say. When you have a big old mansion on the Hudson, sometimes you just need a really fucking fancy fence with two-headed eagles and shit.
Low Maintenance Fencing
Conversely, you can just lean it against some trees. Rosendale (again).
And Mind the Step
And mind the step. High Falls.
SLW Historical Marker
While I like living in a historic area where other people also appreciate history, occasionally it gets a bit niche.  High Falls, NY.

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