Express Post

I hope Bag O’Turnips can identify the horsepower of this letterbox. Embleton. 

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Darling Range Hotel

I went and took a look at this extraordinary building, one of the few – perhaps only building to be knocked back for redevelopment by whatever SAP DAP or back sack and crack was in the saddle. That the one building that most people would be not particularly outraged by a demo is the one that got saved is interesting. It stands in a vista of desolation and ugliness, boasts “a” skimpy and has cocoses. And looks like a craphole. But I’m kind of sympathetic to the poor cunt that would drink here. And the single skimpy that would have to serve him. The Dodgy History Here.

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Season of the witch

I did not know there were seasons when it came to Good Sammys shopping. In any case Vic Park Sammys may have got themselves a Curtin semiotics graduate for their window dresser. 

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Matt Poisoned

What’s up ole Matty. Who poisoned you? On a warm spring afternoon? That’s not who we are. Northbridge. Near Cultural Centre. 

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Night of the long teatowels 

7 pm last night, we got an emergency call from Arts Minister John Day (of the dead). He said the swing was on and we were to destroy all arts infrastructure before Labor could get their hands on it. I managed to smash the Jack Healy Centre piano just in time. If SDTT thinks Alannah will be tickling these ivories, Dream on sweetie. 

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Outrage Sunday 285 the big ball of blame

On the ABC last night the Big Ball of Blame was discussed. I would like to throw the Big Ball to/at TWOP, who yet again sat on his hands and didn’t try to get going in the Legislative Council. It’s not as if it takes a billionaire to get in the upper house. Fluoride Free WA now has one of those sweet spots thanks to just 601 primary votes. He could have chaired a vibrancy committee, for god’s sake.
He could’ve banned the retail sale of distressed caps. Why should people look like dills?
He could have legalised all those Shenton Park verge mushroom farms, and retained the Green, crackpot, and druggie constituencies for years to come.
Ah well. Preference deals, fashion, gerbalists, and men go and come, but earth abides.

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State Election 2017 The Long Road

It was a lengthy campaign.

Some things were hard to understand.

There was clownish behaviour.

Will it be the SDTT by six? Or something else? See you at the scrutineering!

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