Goodbye C&B 

Reign of Error salutes the end of the blog (Wednesday is the last day) with a C&B in progress in the goldfields in 2005. Thanks for all your submissions. 

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Outrage Sunday 313 the end

And so we face the final curtain. A tree falls in Guildford, and Krazy Kym was on the spot.
Time for one more rapture. Our first (and last) slippers?
I was touched by many submissions to TWOP (especially mine).
One more haiku:
Public art? Litter?
It’s not verge collection time.
Swanbourne mystery.

The best worst thing has been discovered.

It was good to see TLA, Bento, Slanderer, Edward De Bozo, Bag O’ Turnips, Cimbali, Ruby Ruby, KK, et al knocking back the $24 martinis at Frisk last night. Even David ‘Ding-Ding’ Bell was nearby.

We’ve had our fill, our share of loosing.

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Not Worst

Highly commended at Freo Print Awards (i.e. You nearly won but aren’t getting money). I better get some people’s choice votes from youse pigs. 

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Farewell Drinks

Will be at Frisk Bar on Saturday (23rd) from 6 to celebrate the end of days for those interested.

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As we’re saying cheerio, this faint praising plonked rock cocos growing relentless sky post from Bento should set it up. 

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The East shall rise again

Been trying to get this pro slavery apartment in East Perth for a while. Is this what we’re doing now?

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Dumb of a kind

Excruciatingly bad Matthew Priddis doorstop. Perfect recreation including his midfield speed. By Hutch. York. 

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