Stutter Rapt

Evidence of personal rapture. Is that to be the theme of the last days of TWOP? That we went out not with a bang but a sucking? Sadly seems so. Pete F. In Cottesloe.cottrap

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Home Devilry

Remember at the beginning of things here, when The West was shithouse and it seemed important to say so? Now Slanderer sees this pitiful bid. Where now only the paper boys/girls are winners. Certainly not the publishers. Or the readers, obviously. 

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Cruising to Boganity

Was sent Bunbury’s revitalisation plan recently. One of the weaknesses of the place identified was that the residents are perceived to be bogans. Surely the real River Rooster in the room is that people have perceptions of it being Bunbury? They also want cruiseships. Apparently. Venice’s loss is Bunbury’s gain. OMG, the biodiversity hotspot is not being used? WTF? You’d think it would at least be being used as a urinal???? There’s my investment down the earth toilet then.


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Boatshed Exports

We were talking about ironic public art only yesterday in Maylands. Pete F. saw this in Cottesloe. Export? At The Boatshed? No. Can’t see it. They have a wine loft fer christsakes! This is literally not happening.boatshed

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Echo Chamber

Two art pieces fight it out in Maylands’ bustling 8th Avenue. The ironic public phone and the tongue in cheek Jesus Jockey. Get a room dudes.  In any case it’s all a barely suppressed up yours to stagnant Bayswater next door, where wasted money blows through the deserted streets like fallen plane tree leaves. lol there’s even a coin slot. Nice one. 

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Outrage Sunday 306 bang bang bahen

The rate at which people are disappearing is just plain crazy. What are the odds they’ll be found on Pluto?
This was way arty. As I passed the bin I felt I was looking at Max Kaye’s soul.
Threat? Gang sign? Advertising for the western suburbs’ newest small bar that will the be latest to try and knock off Liam’s Shreddings?
Whatever. My mind is made up. Dress to impress, and enjoy the dwindling TWOP days.

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Shell Hell 2

Further to previous post on attempts to get rid of the Darling Range Hotel, mouldering as it still is in a brutal setting. Developers are giving it another go, after a surprise knockback, with plans to add a Shell AS WELL AS, rather than instead of the single skimpy, multiple old mattress establish. See, Daps Saps and the mattress airing public CAN come together in harmony. Everyone wins, because, like a McDonalds in Guildford, it would definitely be an improvement. From the Eastern Reporter. Don’t remember Rashelle’s previous work.




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