Al fresco desert

Yeah Right shared what he describes as a failure of taste, class and understanding. And yes it does seem to be a Simpson Desert of vibrancy in Fremantle. But at least it’s not an out of business ugh boot shop no?  Yeah Right also goes on, “in this part of the world were people’s opinions are silenced and where National Days are chopped and changed about as if they were about as important as hairdressing appointments.”

I thought the problem in Freo was that they listened to to those crackpots’ opinions too much. Isn’t that why the place is so shitty now? That they keep listening to knobheads?If only they were silenced! Fremantle is one of the last places in the world where some dickheads views would be silenced. And isn’t Australia Day in reality hugely less important than a hairdressing appointment?

But yeah, this is contraindicated.

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Outrage Sunday 271 Number 95

Could you hear my teeth gritting in Claremont? Gaaaaaaahhhh. Sometimes I wonder if we should let the barbarians win – but then I grab my brains. img_4982
Why bother, though? Either people are binge-watching, or making their life a soap opera on Facebook. Socialists and homosexuals everywhere. No-one reads; they spend all their time in wine bars and discos. img_4999
And don’t get me started on the standard of sign-writing these days. img_4991
I’m staying inside with some soothing tunes while I re-read my Strunk & White. Good day, sir.img_5002

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By Vegan. You’ve got to assume pervert right?

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Trunk line to Berlin

This book wasn’t nearly as interesting as the cover suggests. Anti Semite elephants closing in on Stalingrad was not part of the plot. Sadly. :(. 

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I thought the roof was lego for a moment, but even so, love it. Cock-Burn by Shazza. It’s all just right. 

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It’s a wonder Pye doesn’t exist now with such wonderful advertising. Maybe they ran out of tigers? Lovely stereo. 

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Disarm the fascists 

Or, if you prefer, Pet Food Only. The Venn diagram would have many intersections. CBD. 

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