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Mundaring WTF?

Some wag has been at Mundaring’s Water treatment plant sign with the whiteout. See also their ROFL flouridisation unit. As seen by Shaun N. You do have to ask WTF? of Mundaring. Why are you sending water to rurotardville Kalgoorlie when … Continue reading

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By Ed T.

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Colon Flowers

Colon Flowers. Bowl spraying a speciality. By Damien M. At the worst that is Perth Airport. Also a couple of signs from The Bartenders Skills with a Manhatten. He also includes a palm tree planted in New Baltimore in Summer. … Continue reading

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Occupy Perth

Trust Perth to turn the Occupy brand to into a wet teatowel franchise. Aka fart in a bottle. If you can’t spell mining on your first go, for Gina’s sake get yourself a new piece of cardboard! I’m all for … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 174

A nice one by RubyRuby. The blind would have to guess that high up on the wall there might be a sign telling them if the place is dogging friendly. Another Chogm welcome by Tullio. Looks like they were going … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 163

Ralf Hebecker, the German designer/academic behind Ugly New Zealand, tells me that German has a word for our kind of activity – Nestbeschmutzer “fouling ones own nest”. he has produced a lovely graphical illustration and suggests we form a powerful … Continue reading

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Signifier and Sign

By Guy T. Look closer. From the makers of Supa (N)IGA.Also similar marker by Rob F. Equally subtle, The place to be seen/Crimestoppers.

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A Can in Claudia’s Basket

I’m sure I’ve had another Murdoch University post concerned with cans. Ahh yes. Tullio supplies this one from Where Marxists Dare, where they were not wearing shoes long before Tim Winton was a twinkle in Elizabeth Jolley’s eye. Ahh Claudia. … Continue reading

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Weekend Worstoff 156

Bento sent this where the sticker on the van apparently says “vaginatarian”. You can’t read it, but I put it up so you can snicker at the thought of Bento travelling towards Gosnells Rd.Asp was in Perth on a business … Continue reading

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You can’t handle the bread

Two signs that nail a lie, and two truthers. First, why is UWA student mag Pelican spraying its territory outside Curtin Tavern? Yes Curtin’s Grok is bad, (despite taking up my suggestion of dumping the shiny paper), but this is … Continue reading

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