Weekend Worstoff 163

Ralf Hebecker, the German designer/academic behind Ugly New Zealand, tells me that German has a word for our kind of activity – Nestbeschmutzer “fouling ones own nest”. he has produced a lovely graphical illustration and suggests we form a powerful nest fouling trans Tasman network. Yes Ralf, I will buy a tshirt of that.Ralf also sends me a couple of shots of the beauty of Naples. Has there ever been a time when Naples garbage has been collected?Too keep on an NZ theme for a moment, Pete F gives us the fairly ominous sounding news that the Maketu Pie is back. Where did it go? Maketu I assume. And why such a pie would travel here to Kwinarnia I don’t know.Patrick Z saw She-Ra’s move towards “total vibrancy” with a street lightning project. I believe there will be ball, sheet and forked available.lisa scaffidiPete F also finds the use of Chinese font and fish font on the same sign in Cairns. And an establishment in the Daintree that seems to have breached its own no dickhead policy. Maybe a no more dickheads policy.Whoa, a huge worstoff today. Meccano or similar questions the naming of this Melbourne catering company. Worst well.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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73 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 163

  1. skink says:

    doesn’t She-Ra have power over lightning? Careful, or she’ll get all meteorological on your ass


  2. Rouei says:

    I love the pots made out of tyres. I wanted to take a pic for you TLA weeks ago, but I admit it! I’m too chicken. The large maori storekeeper was looking at me like I might go well in a pie…


  3. Snuff says:

    Nice graphic, Ralf, as opposed to this example, as also demonstrated in Cairns, of what’s really worst. Real. Maketu pies, however, look quite good, washed down with lashes of ginger beer L & P, of course. DFOC may be partial to this variety. Small wonder that business is for sale when those planters appear to be made from new tyres. Kudos to Meccano or similar for including their reflection in the spitting image. I can never decide whether that makes contributions more or less worst. And finally, She-Ra can smote me anytime.


    • Pete says:

      All things being equal Snuff, you’d spot the natural home of the kangaroo sideboard on the way into town. Apparently there’s also burlesque on this week. Tapas in edge hill, its almost teh arrondissment of the N.East.


      • Snuff says:

        Whereabouts exactly, Pete ? I wouldn’t mind checking out Tail Light Man. I often visited the Tanks in Edgehill when I lived in Cairns, but I don’t remember anything special foodwise in that area. Having said that, despite Australian, ahem, service, (and its inexplicable dearth of a decent Vietnamese), I’ve always enjoyed eating out in Cairns.


        • Pete says:

          tail light man & a good selection of vinyl are at Crackerbox palace on Sheridan. Edge Hill has improved greatly, esp’ el mundo tapas. Service? TLA’s tweets are on the money.


  4. skink says:

    speaking of She-Ra’s civic improvements. I went for a jog along the foreshore and enjoyed the new footpath, and then went into the city and saw the new blobby green sculpture thing that is being erected in Forrest Place. I felt a warm glow of appreciation for She-Ra, and a semi.

    and in an uncharacteristic burst of optimism and appreciation, I would like to thank all the rurotards out there for the Rorts for Regions program, which has just coughed up $25M for a new marina in Augusta, which should do wonders for the value of my property down there.

    well done all of you. who says this site is all about negativity?


    • That new footpath is a dedicated slutwalk.


      • skink says:

        you calling me a slut?

        No two things in life make me smile so much as dugongs and mariachi music, so when one dances to the other, it’s a perfect storm. Actually it’s a beluga, but right now Tim Winton and Lucky Oceans are headed to Ningaloo with banjos to serenade the dugongs.

        Ole! (with milk)


  5. I like to think of it , not as the obviously unhealthy Nestbeschmutzer, but the healthy Scheißen in anderer Leute Nest


  6. The Legend 101 says:

    Stupid Idiots!, Why Did they Trash the Street for no reason like that?


  7. Grrr says:

    That’s the Kiwi Shop in, um, *checks frudge magnut* Maddington, no?
    It always has the air of a deserted beachfront store like one might see at Jurian Bay.
    (Sells excellent pre-cooked, frozen sweet potato chips if that’s your thing).

    I have never heard of Maketu Pies before, and I was curious given THE CULTURAL THING that Georgie Pies were.

    So, I googled, and I think this says a lot:
    They are also available in Karratha at Northwest Secondhand Furniture and Kiwi Supplies. Unit 2 17-19 Crane Circle

    Ex-Pats really seem to like them. I’ll bet they’re sold out right now, what with some sort of rugby thing on tonight.


  8. Frank Calabrese says:

    Amazing what gets uploaded – An ABC News Report on Perth’s First Blue Light Disco in 1985 – with I think one Gary Shannon behind the decks.


  9. Russell Wolfe's Lovechild says:

    That New Zealand store is an outrage. Where is Jack Van Tongeren when you need him. Useless cunt.


    • Bag O'Turnips says:

      Probably running scared shitless from a nine foot-tall, 26 stone Maori bro’ with a pool cue, face tats and a skinful of Tui.

      Run, run, run away, you racist runt of a cunt (not you RWL, JVT rather!), before you cop a well-deserved pool cue going in through the out door and coming out through the in. But the Maori probably has far too much grace to skewer him, instead simply putting the fear of taniwha in him to make him scarper.


  10. Bag O'Turnips says:

    Clearly the Neapolitans have no concept of Nestbeschmutzer, obviously…though the Audi A6 Estate (in the right-middle of the first image) might have an answer for them. Maybe a translation could be better sourced from an 8L series Audi S3, which is fine motoring example of Italian, German style (i.e. exciting and bright, but reliable and slightly reserved).

    Is there an Italian (or Nnapulitano, for that matter) word or phrase that equates to shitting in one’s nest?


  11. skink says:

    FuturePerthers alert. They are in Teh West today, with the launch of a their new dreaming project called ‘Why Not?’


    I can’t help thinking this is short for ‘Why not shove your own head up your arse?’ Twop regulars are invited to submit their own proposals to add vibrancy to the town. So far no cable cars or monorails in sight.

    looking at their website, I note that all the committee seem to be Curtin Graduates, which is not a good look. I searched to see if their vision statement was based on creating more jobs for graduates of Curtin’s urban planning course, but to no avail. I did spot that one of their sponsors is Urbis, who happen to be the employer of the committee chairman.

    One of the committee members has the magnificent name of Liam Gobbert and is a Joondalup councillor, whilst looking even younger and more inept than Albert Jacob. Has political and civic apathy in Joondalup reached such levels that the paper-boy is the only person that can be arsed to stand?


    it says on his resume that his ambitions include ‘growing pubic hair and being able to talk to girls.’

    it all reeks of cronyism and self-promotion.

    speaking of self-promotion, why no outrage this Sunday?


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