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You can take my mail from my cold dead hands

Unusual combination of awesome photo with great worst! By RubyRuby. Talk about your relentless sky. Jerilderie. Which is a place apparently.  T

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Even the cows snort over this one. By RubyRuby.

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Rachael’s Legs

By RubyRuby. Alexander Heights. This one is pretty funny. Right up there with Supa (N)IGA.

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Victory on Cocos Ridge

A Cocos can be defeated. Not without one hell of a struggle though apparently. Looks like Guadal Canal. Next the Marines will take the pencil pines – with air support. And the other Cocoses. By RubyRuby, Alexander Heights.

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A rocket in pocket.

I always wondered whether those visible pockets in denim cutoffs were deliberate, or that the perpetrator was so keen on making them short enough for their arse to hang out that it was a mistake. Question answered by RubyRuby at … Continue reading

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Two letterboxes from RubyRuby and associate.  The locations of these holes not disclosed. The first one surely South Fremantle? Nice plaintive oyster shell on the pebble dash.

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Mundaring WTF?

Some wag has been at Mundaring’s Water treatment plant sign with the whiteout. See also their ROFL flouridisation unit. As seen by Shaun N. You do have to ask WTF? of Mundaring. Why are you sending water to rurotardville Kalgoorlie when … Continue reading

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