Outrage Sunday 214 coarse climax

I apologise for any inconveieniences over today’s late Outrage Sunday. After a wonderful party in Mosman Park I rested my eyes on the train home – and woke up in Midland with three transit guards around me (or was it two?). I tried to explain I had celebrated my friend’s 50th a little too exuberantly, but they were abrupt. “The train’s going back: make sure you get off at Guildford,” one of them said. Thank goodness they didn’t ask me for my passport! I found them a bit too Border Force. Having said that, our train guards deal with some very difficult passengers at times: and having to deal with an ageing reporter snoring with his mouth wide open is not ideal.
First, to Bunbury, and this contribution from Rick O’Shea. “The only thing worse than a nigger in your woodpile, or a fly in your ointment, is an Indian on your roof,” Dr O’Shea said. Pardon me? IMG_1424
At least that’s a conventional law-abiding roof. Look at the atrocities this patriarchal crypto-fascist military-industrial complex is foisting on our children! Brutal. You know there are tenants in there. I can’t wait to see their version of the setback-crushing Rottnest. IMG_1383
Bento was in Coles Hillarys. “A reminder that Hillarys is still close to Mullaloo,” he said. IMG_7486
This was in a Royal Show bag given to one of my padowans. Maaaaaate! I trust the goodies in the new Minions bag is fresher that what we got. IMG_1399
Let me leave you in Nedlands, where you can buy anything. A fine time was had by all.IMG_1367

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4 Responses to Outrage Sunday 214 coarse climax

  1. Rong1 says:

    inconveieniences ?


  2. Shreiking Wombat Ninja says:

    2 comments. Lift ya game Rotto.


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