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Chopstix of Time

Finally the TAB has triumphed. Chopstix, documented as derelict over 8 years ago is finally gone. There was a brief resurgence as an illegal skateboard…place. A new cartridge world to come? Beaufort Street Inglewood. A sad and yet exhilarating day. … Continue reading

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Walk of tugs

Stirling Council is proposing a walk of “fame” from the Astor right up into the rub and tug precinct of Inglewood. Plaques and states celeberating prominent West Australians. Possibly prominent WA willies that have been tugged. Why don’t they just … Continue reading

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Oops, I did it again 

The power of hand sprayed prohibitive signs has plummeted over the years this blog has been running. Society also. If you think that’s a coincidence, I have a plot involving the government exploding the Highgate stink tower to sell you.  … Continue reading

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It’s so cold…

…my pussy’s frozen solid. By James N. Inglewood. I don’t see too many egregious plants, but I do love some metal lattice atop colourbond.

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Where I bought my arse

Back door sale. Inglewood.   

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So he only plays stuff from The one Miley Cyrus album?  Or just songs that…bangz? In any case someone’s going to be disappointed. PS. Sofa. Excellent work from NF#1. (N) IGA Mt Lawley. (Or Inglewood).  

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Wake in Fright Inglewood

I don’t want BSWAM or other internationals to get the impression that kangaroos hop our suburban streets…but apparently they do. Skink captured this beast behind the (N) IGA in Inglewood. Note the paving.

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Civic Pride

We’re taking it up a notch! The Civic Hotel. I’m not sure whether the protest is against how shitty the Civic’s beer garden is, of that the place is always full of losers (bused in from where?) when it should … Continue reading

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With Snuff only now reaching Thetan status, NF#1 wants you to BE Inglewood.

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Fuck off China

Indeed. By #NF1. Inglewood. Talk about your front loaders!

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