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Go back to Russia

So, a small bar owner is calling for other small bars to be prevented from opening in his area, because $10 cocktails. Jeezus after fighting restrictive legislation for a decade, the sector is now calling for legislation to prevent people … Continue reading

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You’re all to blame

Note: If anyone is crossing the “Cultural Centre” could they get a shot of the strips of “artworks” that have been painted on the pavers sort of near the “library”. Won’t be able to get there and need a picture. … Continue reading

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Witnessed at 399 Bar. It put us off our espresso martinis, let me tell you.

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Hurry Hurry

Soiled and broken chairs we would normally have to pay to have thrown in a skip, can, with a special discount code be offered to the general public at an incredible $5 each. Missing leg tables also available on request. … Continue reading

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By D. Outside Ginger’s nightclub William Street. Totally. Mmm.

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I guess this is a joke. Not knowing what streetwear is, I can’t be sure. Canvas is an alley bar club place I think. William Street. By The Colour H. Leather shoes?

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Carpet Brain, Smart Place

Mug Punter documents the  incredible transformation of Carpet Space to Smart Space. It’s like some kind of transformer – that had a minor rebadging and ended up as a carpet shop. A recycling of letters is suggested, but wherefore the … Continue reading

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Bring it

By Marie B. Vintage. William Street Northbridge. 

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End of addiction

A stubbed out ciggie and torn up soft porn. Someone decided to turn their life around in some small bar toilet Saturday night. Which was it of of the 5000 small bars of Perth? Bird? Aviary? 599? It’s all a … Continue reading

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Willy on Willy

The Churn of worsts.This now vanished hostel on William Street next to the mosque was demolished and is being replaced by a kind of Islamicy looking (apartment?) building. The ghost of the previous hostel graffiti seems to have seeped through … Continue reading

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