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burnout Flickerfest

We are approaching peak vibrancy. Bento noted this Nathan Hondros(!!!) report and said: “I can’t think of anything more Mandurah than this.” Epic quote from a policeman: “There’s no need to reinvent the wheel and set up something for Mandurah … Continue reading

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Stolen vibrancy

I guess that since gold is almost played out in Kalgoorlie (yes we all know it’s finished, deal with it) and nickel has died in the arse, you can forgive them for mining a new seam of excellence, albeit pitiful.Wait, … Continue reading

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Let me suspend the avalanche of original content for a moment for Bento’s superb sneering. A knock shop now tapas in Kalgoorlie. Pinxtos a la flange. And all I’m saying, is that if Joe Hockey can’t resist ISIS’s call, then who … Continue reading

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Kalgoorlie Names

Most people would think of Hannan, and perhaps even Tuckey or Birney as quintessential Kalgoorlie surnames, but Matthew M, saw some traditional Kal surnames on Pier Street in Perth. And speaking of Kalgoorlie cunts. Mundaring weir is almost dry. Are … Continue reading

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By A. Kalgoorlie. Well I guess it IS environmental science. And it IS Kalgoorlie. But what about Humanities? And Library Services? Easier to label the non poofters surely?

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Kalgoorli Dance

I thought this logo was of naked fat women dancing, so I took the photo. I only saw that it was stick figures later. The heads are not nips.

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Surely the Arts Centre must wait until the dog fighting arena is completed? And from what I can see, the arts, particularly karaoke and lawn bowls are booming. And I add a couple of shots for the benefit of BSWAM. … Continue reading

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Outrage Sunday 85 Geo-Engineering

This is the perfect architectural design for our troubled times. You surveil the sheople through your toughened-glass slit while the invisible tinfoil on the palm tree deflects guv’mint attempts at thought control. This is somewhere on the fringes of south … Continue reading

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Fragrance will dispense into your hand

Paddy’s Alehouse Kalgoorlie. By Jaidyn Jaxxon. How low would you have to get to pay $1:00 for this ejaculation? You would be wasting your time buying condoms. You are basically asking to be raped by FIFOS. Fuck off. Then you … Continue reading

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Sign Power

Back to Kalgoorlie. You’d think a place so rich would look a little less shitty. Maybe not. Jaidyn Jaxxon toured the sights of historic Hay Street with the awesome Sign Power with excruciatingly horrible luck stricken prospector motif cut nicely … Continue reading

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