Outrage Sunday 85 Geo-Engineering

This is the perfect architectural design for our troubled times. You surveil the sheople through your toughened-glass slit while the invisible tinfoil on the palm tree deflects guv’mint attempts at thought control. This is somewhere on the fringes of south Nollamara.

architectureThis is the perfect summation of our troubled times: a lazy, late-in-the-day, chemtrail-hazy bit of lawlessness in Mosman Park.aud2i

This is the perfect illustration of what we had, and what was taken from us: before the military-industrial complex force-fed us foreign lager with 5% chemtrail residue content, we had our pure local drops made from the urine of virgin quokkas.

beeerI hope TLA can shake off his mojito fug soon, because I won’t be able to moderate comments today. I will be at the epic march on Parliament of the Australian Geo-Engineering Protest. Interestingly, we are starting from Parliament and going to the Murray Street mall (Or Queen Street), instead of the other way around. “We hope you can join us in bringing a loud and clear message to the State & Federal Governments that the public are Awake and we are Aware. Please note these are to be peaceful non violent protests which will follow the Guidelines of Protesting as set out under State Law. We hope you can join us in raising awareness to the Geo-Crime that is being perpetrated above our heads on a daily basis. We are peaceful citizens who just want answers to what we are witnessing daily, Our demand is that the government comes clean on its Geo-Engineering/Chemtrail programs and advises the public of what is going on.”

One of the organisers had this very sage advice: “Just a suggestion to anyone attending, to be cautious with reporters, most are not going to be supportive.” Yeah: THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON ON EARTH IS THE HUMAN SOUL ON FIRE.187764_364511066971443_1075225977_n

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31 Responses to Outrage Sunday 85 Geo-Engineering

  1. stu says:

    Hmmm you may want to blur out that licence plate plate rotto!


  2. vegan says:

    are you supportive deefrock?


  3. Snuff says:

    That house reminds me of someone, DFOC. Not worst on the fine beer label collection, and I think this is the most powerful weapon on earth.


  4. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    If councils aren’t going to respray those lines, who can blame our descent into anarchy?


  5. It’s a theatre room – for the theatre of the streets.


  6. Shazza says:

    I wonder how these ‘organisers’ are capable of such wonderful cognitive endeavours while being mentally incapacitated by the guv’mint? It makes me a LITTLE SUSS !!!!!!! How is it that I’m over here on my fast track to madness, while they, over there, are somehow avoiding mental decline during simultaneous bombardment of CHEMTRAILS !!!!!! Seriously, what are these people hiding?


  7. Look , look,look it’s simple. .There are two Aussie design elements : the opera House and Ned Kelly.


  8. Uncle Buck says:

    The Cylons live there..


  9. Zuben says:

    O Ewiges Feuer
    O Ursprung der Liebe !

    Entzuende die Herzen
    Und weihe sie ein !


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